How to start a sports blog?

sports blog

If you’re a huge sports fan, why not put your knowledge to good use and start a blog. Creating your own blog is a great outlet if you feel like you have something to say. Plus, if you’re successful, you can monetize the blog and create a full-time career. Here’s how to start a sports blog

Decide on the focus

You need to decide what type of blog you’re going to write. Are you going to write match reviews? Are you going to write blog posts about the player’s personal lives? Are you going to offer betting tips? The type of content you write is an important consideration because it will form the basis of your readership. It’s best to play to your strengths, so write about topics you know inside out.

Choose your sports niche

Next, you need to decide your sports niche. Again, it’s best to choose a sport you know really well. You can branch out later into multiple sports but start with your favorite. Then, look at what events are coming up for that sport. For example, the Euros are coming up for football (soccer), so you could check out EURO games 2021 and form blog posts about that.

Choose your platform

Next, you need to choose a blogging platform. WordPress is (by far) the most popular and offers plenty of great features for designing your blog. Plus, it’s great for scaling your blog posts when your blog becomes more successful. Alternatively, you can try one of the more blog-specific platforms out there.

Decide on your domain name

Now that you have signed up for your blogging platform, you need to choose a domain name. Think carefully about the domain name because it will be hard to change further down the line. You should pick something short, easy to read, and related to your niche.

Buy your domain name and hosting

With the domain name decided, you need to buy it online and pay for hosting. This is an annual cost that you have to factor into the running costs of your blog. In fact, as you get started, this is likely to be the only cost.

Choose a theme

If you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, you will now get the choice of a theme. This determines how your blog is going to look, so choose carefully. You can change the theme later but it’s better to get it right the first time. WordPress offers a bunch of themes designed for specific blogs.

Begin Blogging

Now, you can start writing your blog posts! It’s a good idea to come up with a content plan, so you know what you are going to write for the next month (at least). You should also look into keyword research. This will give you an idea of what to write about to get the maximum amount of traffic.

Promoting Your Sports Blog

Now that you have content on your sports blog, you need to promote it. It’s unlikely that people will be able to find it otherwise. You should encourage friends and family to visit your site. Then, start posting links to your posts in sports forums. And finally, create social media accounts to grow a following and direct them to your sports blog.

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