How to Succeed in B2B Sales: 5 Factors to Think About


B2B sales differ markedly from what a typical end-consumer sales process would be. Transactions between companies are characterized by being much more rational, although that does not mean that in recent times the way of selling between companies has not changed.

Before buying, a B2B customer feels the need to learn and learn, something for which previously the figure of the seller was essential, however now there is the Internet. According to a study, B2B buyers have already made their sales funnel online before contacting a salesperson. That is, the client turns to the Internet to look for opinions about a product or service, comparisons, or reviews, and once he is more or less clear about what he is looking for, he contacts the commercial agent.


Therefore, it is essential that B2B sales strategies adapt to this new way of trading in which the success of the transaction no longer lies in the commercial but in the presence and the way the company communicates through from Internet.

1. Incorporating the characteristics of B2B sales processes

As we were advancing, B2B companies have their own peculiarities when carrying out commercial transactions. These are some of them:

  • They seek to solve specific needs.
  • These are usually large-scale sales.
  • Customers seek efficiency above all else.
  • They are professional clients who make rational decisions.
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers are sought.
  • The properties or characteristics of the product or service are very important.
  • There are few clients but with a large volume of purchases.

Taking these aspects into account, companies that work in the B2B field must adapt their sales strategies to the new needs of customers to ensure that they are successful. To do this, it is advisable to follow a series of steps and tips that will help optimize the process.

Companies that work in the B2B field must adapt their sales strategies to the new needs of customers.

 2. Developing successful B2B sales strategies

  • Define what is a quality contact for your company

You have to be very clear about who the buyer persona of the company is, as well as determine when a customer is ready to buy. With these parameters defined, sales representatives will know more clearly which potential customers they should attack and at what stage of the purchasing process they are. In this way, they will also be able to personalize their sales strategies and orient them towards the client’s needs.

 3. Getting marketing efforts right

  • Align the sales and marketing teams

The work of the marketing and sales departments must be joint since in both cases, the purpose is to increase the company’s sales. The marketing area must be in charge of attracting potential customers, while the sales agents must deal with these people and try to close transactions. However, salespeople have a lot of information about customers that can be of great help to the marketing department and vice versa. Therefore, they must work together so that the results are positive.

  • Include inbound marketing in your B2B sales strategy

As we have commented at the beginning of the article, nowadays, most companies look for their suppliers through the internet. Therefore, a good Inbound Marketing strategy can become your great ally to attract contacts through the internet. This will help you to create content of great interest to your audience and, from there to nurture them until they become customers.

  • Customize the deal

The purchasing processes have changed, and today, personalization is one of the aspects that potential customers value the most. It is about the salesperson showing that they know the person they are dealing with well and that they know how to adapt to their needs. To do this, there are currently marketing automation tools through which you can obtain a lot of information about the contacts with which to offer a totally personalized shopping experience.

 4. Paying close attention to customers

  • Get prescribers for your brand

Other aspects that potential clients currently value the most are the reviews or opinions of other users. Therefore, it is very important that you have prospects who are satisfied with your products or services so that they can recommend your brand to other people. This is one of the most effective ways to attract other customers, as it encourages others to try your products/services.

  • Measure customer satisfaction

To know how your B2B sales strategies are working, it is necessary to establish customer KPIs with which you can control their level of satisfaction. This data can help you determine the degree of loyalty they have towards your company, and with this, you can try to improve it. Loyalty should be a key point in your sales strategy in order to have real prospects that will help you both to get new customers and to maintain your current portfolio.

5. Define your value proposition

You must be able to articulate your value proposition succinctly and convincingly. Many B2B deals fall through due to vendors’ inability to articulate the value they deliver to their customers. Create a script outlining your value propositions and why you are superior to your competition. It will be extremely beneficial for closing B2B transactions.

  • Include three possibilities in your business-to-business budgets

Providing only one option within our budgets is a grave error. If we do this, the client is likely to seek out alternative market possibilities, such as a lower price or different services. Rather than making a single proposition, it presents three distinct solutions with varying pricing and features. The client will select the option that is most appropriate for their demands and budget. Often, we are surprised to find that they select the most expensive alternative, indicating that the client truly understands the value of our proposal.

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