How to Use an Online Tool to Rotate Upside-Down PDF Pages


You probably know what a Portable Document Format (PDF) is. This file format is a standard in schools, businesses, and various types of organizations. Manuals, contracts, forms, ebooks, research studies, legal records, and government documents are now mostly in PDF. People use this file format because it’s compact, multi-dimensional, and can’t be easily modified. 

But some newbie PDF users often encounter problems when scanning PDF documents. There are times when scanning PDF documents might result in one or several of its pages not being in their proper orientation. This issue also occurs when you merge different PDF files. 

Nowadays, you can find different tools that allow you to rotate upside-down PDF pages to their proper angle. One great online software that I’m going to introduce to you in this article is the PDFBear tool. If you want to know more about this tool, keep on reading. 

Advantages of Using PDFBear Tool

It’s a must that you learn about the pros of using the PDFBear tool before going into the step-by-step guide on how you can rotate pdf pages to their right orientation. 

  1. Available on multiple platforms. Aside from being an online tool, PDFBear is also up for download on Linux, Mac, and Windows computers. 
  2. No hassle to use. If you use the PDFBear tool, you can correct upturned pages of your PDF document with no sweat. It’s so easy that the whole process will just take under a minute, depending on the number of pages that you have to rotate. 
  3. A tool that serves your needs. No matter what angle you want your PDF pages, you can orient them to your liking using the PDFBear online software. You can then save the new version on your computer once you’re finished editing the pages of your PDF document. 
  4. It’s guaranteed safe to use. Get rid of your worries about having your PDF document stolen or shared because this online software automatically deletes the file you’ve uploaded after you’ve finished editing it. 

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use the PDFBear Tool

After knowing the advantages of using the PDFBear online tool, it’s now time to learn the entire process of correcting upside-down PDF pages using it. Make sure to keep in mind these steps for that purpose. 

First Step: Visit

Launch your favorite web browser (I prefer Google Chrome), and go to On the site’s homepage, you can see various tools. Now, find the Rotate PDF tool at the bottom and click it. 

Second Step: Upload the PDF File

Once you’re in the Rotate PDF tool page, you can find the Select Files in the middle. Click Select files to choose the PDF document that you want to modify. 

Third Step: Correct the Orientation of the PDF Pages

After uploading a PDF document to the PDFBear online software, you can see its pages as thumbnails. Look for the upside-down pages and click the circular arrows to set them in their accurate angle. 

Fourth Step: Save Changes

If you think that the upturned pages are now in their proper orientation, you can save these changes by clicking the Apply button. It’s advised to double-check your edits to avoid any issues. 

Fifth Step: Download the Modified Version of the PDF File

Now that you’ve corrected the upside-down pages of your PDF file, it’s now time to save the new version on your computer. 


The PDFBear tool is an easy-to-use online software to rotate the upturned pages of your PDF file. It’s guaranteed safe to use, and it’s also available to multiple operating systems. Read the step-by-step guide above to learn how to use this online tool. 

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