How to Use Construction Software to Create Faster Schedules

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Construction software is used to help project managers automate critical processes like accounting, project management, and take-off. It’s also used to easily create construction schedules, which can be handy when dealing with large mega projects.

A good construction software should integrate with various applications, be mobile-friendly, and be easy to access.

What is a construction schedule?

A construction schedule is a comprehensive roadmap detailing how a project manager will implement a project. It outlines the project’s objectives and milestones. When you use construction software, you’re able to track the progress of these objectives as well as the budget.

A good construction schedule should include important information that will make it easy for a project manager to implement a construction project. Some vital information that needs to be in a construction schedule includes:

  • Budget and costing of all involved parts
  • Required tasks
  • Allocated resources
  • Project deliverables
  • Task dependencies
  • Deadlines and durations

The benefits of having a construction schedule

It acts as a roadmap for contractors

A construction schedule acts as a roadmap that needs to be followed by contractors, letting them know what’s expected of them and whether or not they’re within budget. Project managers can also assign tasks to contractors based on the current status of the construction project.

It helps to maintain the project’s budget

When you have a construction schedule, you’re able to operate within a given budget because the plan advises you on what’s required at each particular stage of construction. When you use modern construction software, you can track your expenses in real-time, and if you go over budget, it will create several options to help you stay on track.

A schedule makes it easy to allocate resources

Another benefit of having a construction schedule is that it enables project managers to allocate resources efficiently. Because resources are efficiently allocated, the project is only using what’s required at that particular time, allowing project managers to save money.

Resource allocation also ensures that equipment and materials are made available on time. This reduces downtime and improves efficiency.

When you use advanced construction platforms like ALICE Technologies to find the best and most optimal construction path, you save on costs and will be maximizing your profit margins.

This optioneering platform is specifically designed to handle complex projects, creating simulations and providing you with the best options or alternatives. Apart from planning and scheduling, software platforms like ALICE will help you submit better bids and realize equipment savings.

It’s easier to plan for permits and schedule inspections

Construction schedules also help project owners prepare for municipal inspections and develop a permit application strategy. The strategy can vary, depending on the construction phase the project is in.

How to use construction software to create faster schedules

Collaborate, track, and update

A construction schedule needs to be dynamic for it to benefit your organization. The schedule should be created from a joint effort between various stakeholders. You’ll need to get the opinion of subcontractors, since they’re the ones on the ground and will have a good understanding of how long a project will take.

Once every key player in the project has given their input, the schedule will need to be updated regularly. After all, the software will have nothing to track if you don’t update it. For faster plans, subcontractors will have to update their work progress daily.

Organize tasks based on days, weeks, or months

Break down your construction schedule in a way that allows every member of your team to understand. The schedule needs to be broken down based on milestones, and then be further based on daily or weekly task requirements. This makes it easier for construction teams to know what’s required of them.

Have a structured schedule

When creating a work schedule, ensure that it’s structured in a manner that follows work streams. Project phases must follow a logical order for the entire program to make sense. If a particular task is too much, break it down into smaller logical units with milestones.

It’s important to set milestones so it becomes easy to show the transition from one task to another. The more structured your schedule is, the better, because you’ll spend less time creating and updating it.

Create a project task list

To increase the speed of scheduling, consider using task lists. Create a project task list based on milestones per construction phase or stage. After you’ve created this task list, add them to a construction software platform based on logical time frames. This way, the only thing you’ll need to do is assign resources to the tasks—the platform will do the rest.

Allocate resources using the software

The construction software will automatically allocate tasks, allowing you to create faster schedules to improve efficiency. And since the plans will have been created using online software, subcontractors only need to open an app to know their assigned tasks.

After acknowledging their assigned tasks, they’ll also be required to show their completion rate through the system. Once this is done, the system will trigger a new set of events that will enable them to receive instructions for the next milestone.

In conclusion, when using construction software, you must ensure that it can secure your data and be easily accessible by all construction crew members. The software needs to have different security access levels and be mobile-friendly. This will enhance collaboration, increasing the speed at which the project manager can create a schedule.

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