How to Use Jira for Custom Software Development?


Website owners who carry out business online should use various applications, platforms, and software. They are necessary to promote their websites, make all the functions flow, improve the functionality, create content, advertise, and so on. Otherwise, the progress will be slow and such companies will quickly disappear. One of the most important tools used by wise developers is Jira.

If you want to implement Jira to promote your website and its services or/and products, you should hire GNS IT. It’s a trustworthy software development company with a long and successful history in the sphere of website development. Using its help, you’ll quickly and easily elevate your website over the others.

In case you intend to use this app on your own, we’d like to help you. We offer a good guide that tells how to use Jira. In fact, there is nothing complicated and even a beginner will quickly adapt to this smart application.

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However, the first step is to explain what Jira is. It helps to work online as a team. You can easily assign tasks, track the progress, receive instant reports, and successfully manage the work on your website. It brings together agile software development, customers’ support, and even such details like shopping lists. This application is multifunctional and perfectly suits ecommerce. There are six easy steps to undertake.

  1. Initiate the project. The first step is to open the home icon, which is located in the top-left corner. Select the option called “Create project”.

  2. Choose a suitable template. Secondly, select a template that meets your needs. It will be either classic or next-gen.

  3. Customize columns. The type of your board is dependent on the chosen column. Make sure your column fully meets your objectives.

  4. Assign the task. Afterward, create the task. It may be a story, epic, bug, and something of the kind.

  5. Add collaborators. The next step is to choose your collaborators. Select people who will be involved in work.

  6. Begin to work. Finally, make it run. You should be sure that all the selected people have access and see everything that runs on the application.

Of course, you may spend some time to understand how it works. If you do not have time to do that, consider some professional company that can tackle all the issues related to custom software development. Thus, you’ll save heaps of time.

Custom Software Development Managed by Professionals

Sometimes website owners don’t have enough time to manage all those applications and software. Therefore, you should use a reliable agency that can tackle all the chores in your stead. Your firm can be developed by GNS IT. It’s a famous website developer, which is always listed amongst the top agencies of its kind. It exists for 12 years and always enjoys success.

Here are the typical benefits it offers:

  • High quality. The qualified experts are responsible for anything you request. They’ll support your project as long as necessary to ensure its success. Everything will be accomplished on time.

  • Multiple functions. You may count on different options. The agency helps with software and website development, advertising, web design, programming languages, offering the workforce, etc.

  • Joining at any stage. The company does projects from scratch. Simultaneously, it can likewise join the already running projects. Therefore, you may receive help whenever it’s required.

GNS IT has the necessary resources and experience to meet your business objectives. If you’re looking for the best software development company, this one is exactly what you need. Visit the website to learn more details.

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