How to use Office LAN messenger for Windows 10


Secured and dependable communication platform is crucial to allow better collaboration between staff within a department or inter-department. Using public communication mode like public chat app may not be an ideal option as it runs through public network thus creating bigger security risks.

Internal messenger app rang through local area network (LAN) ensuring only authorized people can join and use the app. One of the leading LAN messenger apps is Softros LAN messenger for Windows.

This Office LAN messenger offers a user-friendly and intuitive messenger app. Its interface is similar with popular instant messenger app but it runs on the closed internal network.

It comes with powerful features to create more efficient and communication platforms while ensuring optimum security for both chat conversations and data sharing.

The messenger app is also fully compatible with Windows platforms including the latest version of Windows 10, Android and Mac OS X.

Using local network messenger for Windows10 won’t be difficult. Most users would easily able to use all functions and basic features within few minutes without any special training. Thanks to its intuitive user interface allowing the same experience as using popular instant messaging (IM) app.

Installing the app may be a little more sophisticated but leave it to the IT department to do the installation and setting the app to connect with the local network. Full compatibility ensuring to work seamlessly with Windows 10 and once installed and set, find the LAN messenger button (yellow speech bubble icon) on the taskbar list and the app is ready to use.

Click the button to maximize the main page and you can find the Setting menu on the toolbar to submit your personal profile.

To use the messenger app and to send a chat message the main page must be activated. By default, the main page is hidden and must be activated by clicking the messenger icon. User list shows all users connected to the network with status informing the user online and offline.

User list also shows all groups and all users belonging to the group.

Starting a chat message is very simple. Choose a username (or a group if you want to send chat to a group), right click on the username and choose start conversation.

A conversation window will appear and you start typing and sending the message. Through this conversation window, you can also use other Softros LAN messenger’s features including send and receive files, invite other users to join the conversation, to even desktop sharing.

Receiving chat message is even much simpler. A conversation window will automatically pop up on your screen when a user sends a chat message and you can casually reply on the same window.

Managing multiple chat conversations at the same time may be a little challenging as you need to move from one conversation window to another.

Improve communication within the organization with Softros LAN messenger for Windows. Intuitive interface, powerful features, and high security will encourage everyone within the organization to collaborate much effectively for daily operation or for special projects. It will benefit the whole organization.

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