How To Write A Clickable Subject Line Of Your Email Invitation

How To Write A Clickable Subject Line Of Your Email Invitation

Writing subject lines can be somewhat challenging, especially if you are new to email marketing. However, the good thing about it is that you can develop the subject-line-writing skill through practice and by following some tips. Hence, here’s how to write a clickable subject line of your email invitation.

#1 Get to The Point

First of all, you need to get to the point instead of trying to attract the attention of your readers with different unimportant topics. If there is an event dedicated to a new makeup line, you shouldn’t be writing in the subject line that attendees will be taught how to apply makeup (unless, of course, that will make up the bulk of the event).

#2 Generate Curiosity

Second of all, you should always remember to strive to generate curiosity with your email subject lines. This way, your recipients will be more likely to actually click on the email and open it. Besides, generating curiosity can be done in different ways, so there are no hard and fast rules you should always follow. Instead, experiment and see what works for your particular audience.

#3 Add Urgency and Scarcity

Along with curiosity, you need to be adding a sense of urgency and scarcity to your subject lines. As Kate Campbell from the academic essay writers reviews says, “You want your recipients to feel like they need to get the tickets to your event right now. Otherwise, it will be too late, and they will be missing out on an amazing opportunity to attend your exclusive event.”

#4 Straightforward Communication

As mentioned earlier, you should always get straight to the point. But another thing you should do is be straightforward with your communication. Use words and phrases that are easily understandable and commonly used. Avoid using complex or rarely used words or even words and phrases that might have a dual meaning. This way, you will avoid confusing your audience.

#5 Introduce Yourself If It’s Necessary

Introduce Yourself If It’s Necessary

Sometimes, starting with an introduction in your email is a great way to give your audience some exposition and context. But in some cases, a few introductory elements into your subject lines can help you get through to your audience. Write from the point of view of your brand (if it’s well-known) or the point of view of the person hosting the event (if the person has authority and is also well-known).

#6 Be Polite and Respectful

It goes without saying that being polite and respectful at all times is a must, but some event planners forget about this when writing email subject lines specifically. Of course, you can be polite throughout the email, but subject lines shouldn’t be an exception. Use the right words and phrases and be mindful of your wording.

#7 Offer Something for Free

It’s not a secret that most people enjoy getting things very cheap – or even for free. As Eddison Redman from the best paper writing service reviews puts it, “When you put it into the subject line that you are giving something away for free, you are immediately attracting your audience’s attention. And once you have it, you can easily make them click on your email and read it.”

#8 Personalize the Subject Lines

In the age when everything is done for the customers, personalization has become a necessary element of anyone’s marketing strategy. By segmenting your audience, you will be able to personalize the subject lines of the email invitations you send. This will allow you to appeal to the pain points, interests, values, etc. of your different recipient groups which will make your emails more effective.

#9 Cover News and Trending Topics

Covering news and trending topics all the time might not be the best idea, but you can still use this technique from time to time. For instance, if there will be an announcement made during the event, it’s worth putting this information into the subject line. You can also do this with holidays and special occasions if the events you are working with take place during them.

#10 Tease Something in Your Email

Last but not least, consider teasing something that is in your email by putting a piece of information about it into the subject line. It can be a valuable piece of information about the event or something else as long as it is connected to the event you are inviting the person to.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

All in all, the subject lines you write for your email invitations will definitely help you make your recipients open the emails more often and actually read what you sent them. Use the techniques from this article to help you make your email invitation subject lines more effective and successful.

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