How to Write SEO-Friendly Content: For Beginner


Do you want to know how to write SEO friendly content? This post will learn how to write SEO content that people will love to read more than once. When you are writing for your blog or a website, remember these two key points: You are writing for your high-quality audience content and making content drive traffic on the search engines. Now that you have a clue read the below rules to write SEO-friendly content readers will love.

Start with Research

If you want to write content for your audience, make sure you take your time doing research. Without proper research, your content will be shallow, and that means it will not convince a reader to share or read again.  SEO writing for a beginner you need to know those steps.

Keywords you are targeting

The length of your article

The type of article you want to write

Check on a different platform if available.

Visit Reddit. This is one of the best places you will understand what clients are asking before you write.

Get a proper keyword tool that will help you to write related keywords with your main primary keywords.

Outline the Structure of Your Post

For you to write a readable SEO-friendly, you need to have a simple and clear structure. You can follow this structure:


Introduction (Paragraph)

Body (Paragraph)

Conclusion (Paragraph)

Make your sentence short to the point. The paragraph should be short, at least 3 to 5 sentences for easy readability.

Use Transition Words

Transition words are used to link the sentence and easy to understand when reading SEO-friendly content. Maybe you want to talk about several things. Instead of listing everything, use transition words. What are those transitions words: Finally, however, all, therefore, but, instantly, and similarly. You can read many of the transition words and write simple content that people will hire you.

Use of Related Keywords (LSI)

If you want to write a unique article, compare your competitors, and use words they do not use in their content. Related keywords help your content to rank on top of Google. Maybe you are using long-tail keywords. The traffic of your keyword is low. Few people are searching for your keyword. This will take you to rank. You use a tool like SEMrush to help you get search-related keywords.

Proofread Your Content

To write an SEO-friendly article, you need a flow of the sentence and correct grammar. Even if you are a pro writer’s first draft, you will make mistakes. So the good thing after writing, take some time and come to proofread your work.

You can use your friends to help you read the post. Ask them if they understand the main idea. This can help you to know where you went wrong.


The above strategy when writing an SEO-Friendly article helps you to rank on top of Google. There are other ways you can use it. I have mentioned a few important ones to use when writing. According, to Super Clear Contents you will get content that helps you to rank the first page on Google

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