Hybrid App Examples: Best Apps Built With Hybrid Framework 2021

Hybrid App Examples- Best Apps Built With Hybrid Framework

Hybrid app development refers to the process resembling native and cross-platform app development. It comes with a comprehensive app development framework, device-specific features, seamless User experience, and other Full stack development services components. The performance and credibility of hybrid application Frameworks are drastically increasing. Together all these features make hybrid frameworks easy for fixes and updates across all the platforms.

Hybrid Frameworks has the potential to handle overwhelming user traffic across various channels, alongside it keeps track of the back and application structure. With hybrid app frameworks, developers get more opportunities to get creative and target the audience under their niche. In this article, we are going to discuss Hybrid app development and applications built with hybrid frameworks.

Most Prominent Hybrid Application Examples

Hybrid app development technology is an ideal choice to make in 2021. The battle between native applications and hybrid applications is never-ending as both frameworks have their own strengths and weaknesses. But hybrid frameworks are winners in a competition to the native applications. There are multiple hybrid applications available in the Industry that come with promising performance and quick response. Let us have a quick look at all the prominent hybrid applications that most of the Top mobile app development companies look up to:

  1. Instagram

Adapting the hybrid app development approach has enabled the Mobile application development company to develop an application that can support rich media access as well as offline data. The ideal example of this cause is the signature short video clips. This application allows its users to quickly access the media file even if they are online or at least display an error message in case of offline excess.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is the best example of a hybrid application that depicts that application performance is no longer an issue, especially with hybrid applications. This application is capable of driving business productivity in spite of it during design and user-friendly interface. The flawless function and intuitive interface of this application are built with advanced Cross-platform app development and hybrid framework’s assistance.

  1. Baskin Robbins

Imagine your favorite ice cream brand has its hybrid application. Baskin Robbins is such an application that uses the HTML5 platform to offer the best offline access to its users with a similar user interface on multiple platforms. The way this application has combined HTML5 and native features are commendable.

  1. Pacifica

Pacifica hybrid application has maximum assistance from the Mobile app development company, especially in terms of the best user interface. The application has its own set of multiple videos that can be integrated as the background. The video theme background of Pacifica applications gives the native-like feel and look. The list of features is loaded as the web layer in native navigation.

  1. Remote POS

The Remote POS application is capable of managing and handling restaurant processes through a single mobile application interface. This application can work offline and requires an internet connection for printing the final bill for the customer. A large number of restaurant owners are determined to hire dedicated developers for developing an application like Remote POS. This application also has its cloud storage and local data storage and it supports easy staff handling along with order management.

  1. Sworkit

The Sworkit application acts as an ultimate guide for health and workout content. It helps users to exercise, workout, and offer interactive video sessions. This application aligns well with the iMessage application and apple watch application to give it a Native-like feel. This application can easily sync with Google Fit applications and allow users to track their data.

  1. Uber

The exact application that you are recently using to make your traveling comfortable or too easily access the nearby locations is indeed a popular hybrid application, Uber. The simple user interface and easy navigation make Uber a popular hybrid application among the rival options.

  1. Google

Google has been using the HTML5 platform for its widely adopted internet mail service for decades. It is remarkable to see how Google has launched a new version for the mobile applications for its Gmail service using both the elements of native as well as HTML components. This application is widely accepted and acknowledged by the Android app development company as well.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is also among the leading hybrid applications. This application is capable of handling voluminous traffic levels and it uses a hybrid app development approach. This fact is promising that performance is no longer an issue with the hybrid application frameworks. It aligns well with the companies willing to hire mobile app developers to build their platform-specific applications.

Advantages Of Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks

With the widespread adoption of react native, Ionic, PhoneGap, and Flutter, the performance and scalability of hybrid applications have reached a whole new extent. The leading Android and iPhone app development company also use the advantages of this framework to offer incredible mobility solutions to the users. The major advantages of hybrid frameworks are inclusive of:

  • Unified development: The feature ‘Code once and run Anywhere’ facilitates a single coding of the hybrid application. It means there is no requirement to maintain a separate code base or to develop individual files for multiple platforms.
  • Offline support: Hybrid applications can work perfectly well even if they are not connected to the internet. It supports offline mode through which users can load the application and access all its features along with the previously loaded data.
  • Better market reach: If you are looking for Mobile app developers for hire to develop a comprehensive solution, hybrid application development frameworks are your best choice. This Framework has a broader-reach towards potential users.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned hybrid application examples provide ideal reasons as to why hybrid frameworks are an ideal choice today. You can go for hybrid application development frameworks over the contemporary solutions because of their cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and minimum requisites reasons to develop a comprehensive and high-performing application. Hybrid application frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc are the top picks for you.

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