Industries that Must Have Age Verify Solution

Age Verification

One thing that is taken exceptionally seriously is the protection of minors. Minors have unlimited and unsupervised access to the internet. The internet is full of inappropriate stuff that can prove to be damaging to young minds. In order to keep the youngsters from gaining access to the age-inappropriate content, there should be an age to verify the solution and set some regulations in place. Age verification is the process of verifying the age of the user before allowing them access to content that might be unfit for the youngsters.

Who Must Apply Age Verify

The websites or businesses that give access to minors on harmful materials can be heavily fined around $50,000 and they can also face some time in prison. This is why it is extremely crucial for some industries to have age verify solutions. Following is the list of those businesses in need of age verification services.


The gambling industry has expanded a lot ever since it has begun online access. According to research, most people can get addicted to gambling from the age of 17. Gambling can manipulate young minds into wasting their money uselessly. This addiction can eventually lead them to a habit of stealing money. This is why it is necessary to verify the age so young minds cannot get manipulated by such a bad habit.


It is said that the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest and the same is the case with alcohol. Minors seeing their elders drinking and not being able to get their hands on the drinks make them want it even more. That is why they are always finding ways to be able to buy alcohol. Since the alcohol industry has gone online, it has become easier for minors to be able to buy alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can be extremely harmful to health if not used properly this is why there should be a strict age verification solution for the alcohol industry.

Drugs and Pharmacies

Drugs can be really harmful if not used according to the doctor’s prescription. Minors getting access to drugs can prove to be fatal for their health. Criminals can use underage children to steal drugs and sell them. Age verify service can ensure that the drugs do not fall into the wrong hands.

Gaming and Adult Content

There are games that contain violent content or sexually inappropriate content. Gamers are connected with people around the world and minors playing games can get in touch with a pedophile. There are adult content websites that can miseducate minors regarding sexual education. To ensure the safety of minors on online sites, age verification solutions must be implemented.


In many countries, underage children cannot open up a bank account. They are not supposed to use credit cards either. By using credit cards they buy things online that are unsuitable for their age. Age verification on credit cards must be applied so that minors do not get access to credit cards. Even the credit card information must be verified to ensure that no underage child is using it to access some illegal or unethical products.

What is the Age Verification solution?

In today’s world of technology, there are AI-based age verification solutions available that can verify the identity and age of the user within seconds. Businesses can verify their customer’s identities through an ID verification process. The customer has to submit the picture of their ID card along with their date of birth. This is then screened and verified against the previously submitted data at the time of registration. The authenticity of the ID document is also verified to ensure that no fake ID is being used. If a minor is trying to gain access then the age verify solution will alert the businesses and access to the minors will be stopped.

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