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When you have built a strategy, you can grow your followers in an honest way. You can build an effective strategy by sharing great content, your goals must be smart, and engage your audience. You can also select a quick path which will lead to a dark side of marketing. You have the option to buy flowers on Instagram. There are some celebrities, brands and some influencers like to buy followers. They do this because when people will come to their brand they will see lots of  followers and will start following them.

Some people buy thousands of fake followers to show up their numbers. So that they can have real followers in this way. Because people preferred to follow those accounts that already have some fan following. Look for quality rather than quantity should be the way to go but the reality is people like to see numbers rather than quality and content. Buying followers on Instagram is a cheap and easy way to do.

Buying Followers on Instagram

Process of buying Instagram followers is very simple. You hire a service, pay for that and you sit and watch your audience growing. You can get followers in minimum amount but one thing should be in your mind you have purchases bots rather than humans. But you get for what you have pay. Some will offer you, expensive followers. They will charge a good amount. Those will be active accounts and will make interaction with you as well. You will ask about certain things, like what type of accounts you want to follow, your locations, hashtags, accounts that are similar to you. After some predetermined time, bots will unfollow the ones that have not started following you.

But it is recommended not to buy followers. Because the followers you purchased would not like or comments on your posts. And there is a risk that you will be caught and blocked. It will not matter that even if you have a list of legitimate followers as well they will fetch the inactive accounts and remove from followers. So the money you paid will be wasted.

When you select shortcuts, your brand integrity is at risk. If you have purchased followers and your real customers have come to know that. Will they trust you? The answer is never. Let’s take an example you hire an influencer for the marketing and promotion of your brand. When you will come to know this man has bots rather than real followers, how can he help you? You will kick him off and never hire or contact him again. Same goes for you. Fake followers can give you the numbers but never the engagement. Engagement will come only through real followers.

Decides by yourself what will be more valuable for you to have 10,000 fake followers or 100 but real and legitimate followers. You will get the answer to what you should do. These 100 followers will be potentially helpful because they will comment on your posts and will share also into their network. Find out the rate of engagement this will tell you the actual worth of your followers.

How to grow your Instagram followers in the best right way

First of all, be aware of your audience, engage them in your content. These simple but best strategies will help you win in the market place. Related tags will make your posts visible to larger audiences. This will help you in fetching new followers who will show interest in your products and services. Instagram has a variety of ad options you can pay there and get your brands promoted ideally.

Instead of buying fake followers on Instagram go for buying real followers. These are the accounts hold by real people. These type of followers are actually interested in your content. And they like and comment on your posts and share it when needed.

Challenges a lot of people face in getting active and real followers are:


It requires a lot of time and searches to find out your target audience. Build engagement with them. Partner out new accounts, and make use of other ways to find out real followers that can help in your account growth. Because you will have to spend at least 40+ hours per week to get reasonable output.


You can select the option of paying for ads on Instagram. But this is an expensive way. You will not get as much reward as much you have invested in it.

How to buy real Instagram followers safely

  • Focus on targeted followers

When you have defined your area of interest then go for searches and find out your real and targeted audience. This will brings a lot of real followers. The end result will not be a bunch off followers but the followers with engagement.

  • Don’t be cheated by cheap followers

Sometimes you will be trapped when you will found someone selling followers on cheap rates. But this is just a trap nothing else these followers are not going to help you in the long run.

  • Find out the trusted seller

This is the best way to do. When you want to buy real followers they are not willing to show you how it works. But look for those sellers who are willing to show you the strategy about how you will get those followers. These are the trusted ones and at least they will not sell you bots. If you don’t want to spend your time on finding out who is who, click here to buy from one of the rated and trusted sellers known.

  • Target engagement growth

Your focus should not be quantity. You should focus on quality. Even though you have a small number of followers don’t worry at least you will have some engagement rate. They will like and comment and make interaction with you when needed. Do it is recommended to focus on quality rather than quantity to build engagement.

  • Buy a strategy instead of buying followers

Buying followers one time is enough? Never, you have to need to continuously update your account to be successful in this competitive world. So focus on strategy rather than simply buying followers.

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