How To Know When To Bring Your Computer To A Réparation Specialist In Quebec

Time to Bring Your Computer to a Repair PlaceTime to Bring Your Computer to a Repair Place

When our computer starts to act weird (message boxes that pop up unexpectedly on your computer screen, strange sounds, sluggish performance, etc.), it’s not that easy to determine whether or not we should just wait it out or bring the precious machine to a computer repair shop like Waly Informatique. Indeed, some of these inconvenients may be a sign that your device is infected with a worm, a virus, a spyware, or another type of bad software. There are some signs that you should be aware of to understand what is going on. Here are the clearest signs that potentially point out to your computer being infected (in which case you should look for professional help).

How To Know When It's Time To Bring Your Computer To A Repair Place

Constant Pop-Up Windows

These are as annoying as easy to interpret. If you’re subjected to an unusual amount of windows that pop up to fool you, pretending to be virus warnings. These fake messages pretend that you are exposed to security threats and that you should call this number, don’t fall for this scam. Indeed, there’s no possible way that a website knows that information, so it’s always a ruse to get you to click where you shouldn’t or to call a frauder that will try to get information about you. If you can’t get rid of these messages, don’t fall for them in a moment of frustration and go to your local computer repair shop. 

Files and Folders that Change, Move or Disappear

One of the most troubling signs that your computer needs to be looked at is the alteration of some of your files. Now, don’t get all paranoid trying to see something when there is nothing to see, but if you’re pretty certain that some of your files are missing, or that their content has been altered, it’s time to get some help. 

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Unexpected Sounds and Images

Another thing that could happen is your computer responding to problems by emitting an audio signal you can’t do anything to stop. These are often accompanied by more annoying random pop up and windows.The same happens with random images that suddenly appear on your screen despite the fact that you’ve done nothing that leads there.You could also be exposed to pornographic images that you genuinely did nothing see, and that should lead you straight to the nearest computer repair shop. 

A Sluggish Computer

If turning your machine on always takes an abnormally long time (like an actual minute), something’s up and it may be a sign that a virus is blocking you when you try to start your machine. If the screen becomes white or – worse –  you see the dreaded blue screen that means the death of your computer (we’ll get to that in a second), that means your computer is definitely infected.  Only a computer a provider of repair service will be able to help you out, and depending on the severity of your situation, you may have to purchase a new PC altogether. Furthermore, while your computer may be running slow because it’s aging, there could be a variety of other reasons to explain this. A virus, a malfunctioning program, overheating issues and a failing hard drive are all fairly common causes that explain a sluggish computer. Sometimes, the slow speed is simply due to some newer software that your hardware can’t keep up with, but even then, you’re in a tough spot. At its worst, the problem will be so advanced that simply moving your cursor will become unbearable. 

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Unwanted Connections to Bad Websites

This one is less common but still worth to know about. You’ll sometimes get a notice coming from a real anti-virus that tells you that one of your application is acting up by trying to connect to a random website that sounds highly suspicious. If this type of alert becomes more and more frequent, get in touch with a computer repair service.

Technology is a fantastic thing, and computers are items most of us would be incapable to live without. That’s why you need to be careful: not all people that use technology are well intended, and technology itself is not infallible. Be careful, use your judgment and if nothing else works, bring your device to a professional.

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