Instagram Tools For Your Account Growth

Instagram Tools For Your Account Growth

If you are not Cristiano Ronaldo with 155 million followers this article will be beneficial for you. There you will find a couple of useful tools and apps, by using which you will be able to move your Instagram account forward.

But first, let’s think what factors have the biggest impact on the pace of growth of your IG. The first thing that came to my mind was the right content choice.

Tools for content upgrade

It is overwhelmingly important for your content to be decent and of high-quality. And on what content, Instagram set a focus on? On a visual one! That is why it would be pointless not to use photo-editing applications to take your content up a notch. The surf on PlayMarket and AppleStore shows that there exist infinitely many apps for that purposes. I personally can bet that you’ve heard about them if not used it at least once. I’m talking about Snapseed, VSCO, Canva, etc. They wield power to shape up your visual content in such a way that your photos and videos will be a feast for the eyes of a rando.

In addition, you can use Repost tools for Instagram. Why? You will show a keen interest to other people’s accounts that way, and who knows, maybe they will repost your content back, creating a possibility for advertising.

The second thing that popped into my mind was a promotion strategy.

Tools for promotion strategy upgrade

Of course, you can call you PR-manager or marketer and ask him to take your Instagram account under wing but if you view yourself as a humble man of the street, look at my alternative. I offer an automation services for your consideration. Several of you can be skeptical about any Instagram follower bot but I can assure you that there are some of them that worth your attention. Without naming names, let’s look deeper at their top Instagram hashtag using a tool of promotion.

The first one, the most obvious one Auto Like Bots. Their working principles are quite simple: they like users’ posts and then you expect their likes back. Simple and clear.

Then goes Auto Follow/Unfollow increasing hashtag engagement with tools. The name speaks loud. This tool will automatically follow users using different targeting filters and unfollow immediately if they do not follow you in return. Or, what is much funnier, it can unfollow everyone.

Auto Comments and Comment Tracker. I call them big guns. These tools enable written in advance comments to be spread among your TA attracting attention to your profile, and simultaneously track them, organizing in a system for your convenience’s sake.

Another tool that is especially popular among business people is Auto Direct Messages. A flawless mode for selling stuff directly. It can send your announcements about a sale or special offers to your customers multiplying your chances of success.

Hashtag generator. It will simply lighten your burden of creating new hashtags for every post. Hashtag generator creates only relevant and trendy hashtags (unlike some other people.)

Scheduled Posting Tool is quite advantageous. Create a post and then schedule it with this tool and now go and rest at ease.

And Instagram Statistics and Analytics is an icing on the cake. Probably, it’s the most vital part of the whole promo period. You need to take into account your profile analytics: a number of followers, shows, and reaches, cover, the number of click-throughs, publications, mentionings, engagement rate and even existence of branded hashtags. Indexes of audience analytics also make difference: gender, age, location, and activity. You can use either Instagram Insights for learning that information or a certain automation service.

These metrics will help you to see the “behind the scenes” of your strategy, get to know what to put emphasis on and what to quit.

In a nutshell, you see that there are plenty of different tools for your account growth at your disposal. Use them wisely, use them as and when necessary and success will not be long in coming!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.