Investing in Bitcoin – Advantages and Disadvantages


Almost daily, the world media covers any events related to the electronic currency Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, or cryptocurrencies in general. However, all the news mainly concerns the exchange rate, the reaction of official authorities to this issue, etc. But investment opportunities are either not considered at all, or this is discussed in passing and does not carry enough information.

As we wrote earlier, the total number of bitcoins is not so great – in total, the information about 21 million bitcoins is included in the general system of the military-technical cooperation and not more than Satoshi. In order to get the cue ball on their own, considerable power is required, so we can conclude that the cost of BTC will only increase.

You can convert embedded bitcoins at any time into any more suitable currency, and it is also possible to withdraw bitcoins to many payment systems.

In general, it would seem that there are some advantages, but, as in any business, there are also pitfalls here, let’s try to figure everything out in order.

For those whose earnings are calculated in bitcoins, it is better to invest in the same currency. After all, it is with this method of investment, you get savings on interest for conversion services. Well, and accordingly, all the profit you receive will also be in the currency of the MTC.

Cloud mining

Most often, investments go directly to mining, or cloud mining of cues. The investment is in leasing computing power. A contract is purchased (unit capacity) from a site that provides mining services. A power unit determines the speed of the calculation for a temporary unit. Approach the choice of the site where you plan to invest cue ball, should be very carefully and carefully. There is a real risk of falling into one that closes and disappears along with your investments, unfortunately, at the moment, such cases are not uncommon. It turns out that investing in cloud mining is extremely risky and disadvantageous? On the one hand, yes, and on the other, in any situation and in any business there are risks. If the matter is approached without being prepared and relying “at random”, then you can burn out. Therefore, if there is an opportunity and a great desire to make an investment and make a profit, then carefully analyze each option. Watch carefully how many years the resource on the market, what reviews, how many users, etc. Personally, we do not recommend considering cloud mining as an investment.

Investment projects

Very often you can find offers from various investment programs where you can invest your savings in bitcoin signals, at a percentage (also in cue ball). In this case, professional managers will manage your funds, investing them in trading on exchanges, acquiring assets, etc. Given the risks of such an investment, many begin to do it themselves, starting to make good money.

Why are we again talking about risks – because it was experimentally able to establish that often such projects and traders are actually a financial pyramid, in which the payment of dividends will depend entirely on new income. In principle, successfully joining and leaving on time, you can get the long-awaited profit, but whether it is worth doing, of course you decide.

Mining equipment

As mentioned above, Bitcoin mining requires very powerful and, most important, the latest equipment. Remember that a normal home PC for mining a military-technical cooperation is not very suitable for you.

If we consider mining as an investment of bitcoins, then it is important to calculate your spending on equipment and electricity so that they do not exceed your profit.

Every 2 weeks, it becomes more difficult to mine bitcoin by about 1.2 times. About 70% of the total number of MTC produced will be in the first couple of months after the purchase of special equipment (in simple words, “iron”). However, with increasing task complexity, mining performance will decrease weekly.


Finally, we consider the most risk-free method of investing – this is storing the currency in the wallet in anticipation of the growth of its value. However, it should be understood here that you can make a profit in the long term, or if an unexpected jump in currency growth occurs. For ourselves, we are considering only such an option for investing bitcoins.

Of course, we did not consider all the possibilities of investing bitcoins. These are just the most common. How suitable they are up to you. Are you ready to take the risk and make a big profit or will you be satisfied with a low but stable percentage?

In 2016, bitcoin was recognized as the most profitable currency in the world, and the authoritative publication Bloomberg assigned bitcoin signals a special role. Financial experts predict a further rise in bitcoin.

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