Is It Time to Consider Redesigning Your Website?

Is It Time to Consider Redesigning Your Website?

Your website makes the first impression of you and your business. It has to be easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy on the user’s eyes. If it fails to live up to any of these three, you risk losing your visitors and search engines’ attention.

There’re various signs to look out for before deciding it’s time for a website redesign. This article contains the top 8 signs to consider.

Let us look into the first sign.

It Is No Longer Visually Appealing

When working on your site every day, you may notice that it is no longer visually appealing. The truth is, visitors will spend little to no time on any outdated website. The new generation of internet users has high expectations and standards because they browse many well-maintained sites.

Therefore, you should consider adding fresh content to it. After research, HubSpot indicated that websites with 16 pages of fresh content attracted more traffic than those with four or fewer new pages every month. Fresh content is, therefore, necessary for every business.

When you’re running a nonprofit website, traffic is crucial. You’d want a lot of people to go to your site to get more support. Also, visits can translate to bigger revenue through ads which can, of course, help in your cause.

But when your site doesn’t adapt to trends, traffic can go down. Professionals web designers can help you with this as they’re always updated with the latest trends. It’s also crucial to look for people who understand nonprofit web design since it has differences with designs of other kinds of sites.

It Takes Too Long To Load

It is time for redesign if your website takes too long to load. Research indicates that websites with low bounce rates and high conversions load within three or fewer seconds. You’re likely to lose most of your website visitors if content takes a long time to display, meaning lost business.

Redesigning your website to reduce load time requires a lot of work. It boils down to the content therein, and you should start with optimizing visuals – images and videos. Hiring an expert is the best way to improve your website loading speeds.

Your Brand Has Changed

Sometimes, you may change your brand, products, or services. Your website needs to reflect these changes immediately to happen. A customer shouldn’t browse through it, get impressed, and contact you only to hear that you no longer offer the service or sell the product they need.

An outdated website speaks volumes a lot about your brand – for instance, visitors may think you don’t care. Besides, such a website will not accurately reflect your company’s mission and vision. A redesign is critical to make your website represent your business accurately.

It Isn’t Mobile Responsive

Optimizing a website for mobile is no longer an option but a necessity for every business. Online consumers have changed tremendously, and their choice of devices has changed too. A massive number of people browse using smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices.

You’re likely to lose many visitors –70% according to research if your site doesn’t display correctly on such devices. You will drive a huge number of visitors to your site if it is mobile-friendly. Besides, it is a good factor that will make your business grow and rank well on Google.

Low Conversions, High Bounce Rate

Low conversions mean that a vast number of visitors on your site don’t complete their purchases or any other desired action. The end actions that you should include in your call to action can either be purchasing a product or signing up for a service, newsletter, etc.

Reduced conversions and a high bounce rate mean you need to change certain aspects of your site. Either of these two is disastrous for your business and needs quick attention. A website redesign may change how users interact with your site, the length of time they spend on it, and whether they complete their actions.

It Lacks Basic HTTPS Security

Every business with an online presence needs to keep inside and user data secure. You’re likely to lose a considerable number of visitors if your site lacks basic security features such as HTTPS. Like browsers, Internet users now do background checks to verify that a site is secure before using it.

HTTPS security brings a sense of security that will make visitors spend more time on your site. Besides, they’ll be more willing to purchase a product or request a service from a secure website. You may lose your search engine rankings if your site gets labeled as ‘not secure’ by Chrome or any other search engine.

It Is Difficult To Navigate

Poor navigation can affect almost every aspect of your site and business. It reduces your conversions, increases the bounce rate, and negatively affects your search engine rankings. Internet users prefer sites that do their search for products or services effortless.

Trying to navigate your site will give you accurate results from a customer’s viewpoint. Try accessing it on different devices and see how easy you’ll go through page by page. Changing icons, adding clear text, etc. are web design tips that could make navigation seamless.

Low Search Engine Rankings

Ranking highly on search engines should be the main objective for every business. According to HubSpot, 95% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results before finding what they need. Ensuring your business appears on this page means you’re likely to get more clicks per search.

You should get concerned if your rankings fall below the first page. The best action here is to redesign your website and change aspects that could be affecting your rankings. You can change your content, use imagery correctly, and make it mobile-friendly and easy to navigate for customers to use it more and possibly recommend it.

Professionally Redesign Your Website Today

The signs mentioned above clearly indicate that your site needs redesigning. Security, easy navigation, and mobile-friendliness are all essential to every website. The best way to know if the signs mentioned above affect your website is by looking at the number of customers completing purchases and how well it ranks on SERPs.

It is worth noting that website redesign differs from one business to another. A clear assessment of what’s ailing your website and business should guide you on redesigning. Additionally, better search engine rankings and increased conversions should mean your efforts are paying off as expected.

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