Is PHP Still Useful for Website Development In 2021?

Is PHP Still Useful for Website Development In 2021?

For quite some time, PHP has been included in “the top 5 worst programming languages.” Is that still true in 2021?

A quick historical summary of PHP

Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1994. To monitor the visitors to his online CV, Lerdorf created many scripts, all of which he dubbed “Personal Home Page Tools”, and after that they were known as “PHP Tools”.

He continually added features to this suite, and eventually finished a rebuild of the tools, incorporating new database capabilities and other features. In the latter half of the 1990s, the tools started using increasingly sophisticated primitives, and have continued to attract new users as long as it remains open-source.

The official PHP website has a more comprehensive history of the language.PHP 8.0 is the newest language version at this point.

Significance of PHP in 2021

One cannot overstress the importance of a contemporary company having a web interface. The vast majority of customers nowadays prefer to conduct business online. However, once you’ve decided to establish an online presence, it may appear as if you have many technological options available to you.

While the website’s loading speed, ease of navigation, and scalability are essential, they must all be implemented. Programming language and database should be chosen based on the project’s needs.

Powered by PHP & MySQL, both basic and large-scale online applications may be constructed using the code, which is both safe and speedy.

Significance of PHP in 2021

The fact that PHP may be used to develop your web application offers many advantages. Because PHP is a server-side scripting language and is specifically designed to provide dynamic web pages and applications, it is widely used in web development.

Because PHP has developed from the C and C++ languages, it has many C and C++-like syntax.

Many of the more popular programming languages, such as C and C++, are widely utilised, which eases the learning curve for developers and helps with the transition from desktop development with C and C++ to web development with PHP.

In addition to MySQL, the other most common option for creating and accessing databases, PHP is very intimately linked to it.

While C++ has more sophisticated features than PHP, the language focuses on the tasks that web developers will be using. When tried to compare to other programming languages that are uncommon and less efficient, we may save a significant amount of time and money.

There is an excellent chance that PHP will continue to be one of the most flexible and utilitarian web development languages around the world for years to come.

PHP’s widespread appeal to developers and users alike may be attributed to the variety of capabilities it offers, a wealth of add-ons for extending functionalities, its open-source nature, and substantial online community support.

PHP is the most popular programming language because it has the following characteristics:

Let’s explore all of the reasons why PHP is better than other languages in-depth.

How is PHP better from other programming languages?

Most web developers use CGI,JSP, ASP, and Perl however, most have a bias for PHP. The prominence of this programming language for website creation is due to many factors.

Simple and easy language to learn

It is a well accepted fact that PHP is among the simplest programming languages. PHP is very forgiving, in comparison to other web programming languages. The PHP syntax is rational and structured. As even command functions make it clear what the developer’s job is, understanding command functions is not too difficult.

This simplified application development process means web developers have an easier time developing and optimising the programme.

Simple and easy language to learn

Easy compatibility and integration

PHP is suitable for a large number of operating systems, including the Windows operating system. It is readily adaptable to a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Solaris, and UNIX.  An current application may be seamlessly linked with new technology, such as Java, so there is no need to re-develop the application. This helps you save both time and money.

Extremely flexible

Regardless of whether you are just getting started on a project or have finished with the project, PHP is extremely adaptable. As functionality may always change over the project lifecycle, it is essential for a scripting language to be flexible. PHP has a distinct advantage over other programming languages in that it enables quick edits even when work has already begun.

As modifications to the current codes and functionalities may be done and utilised, a programmer does not even have to come up with new programmes or complex processes.

Gives more freedom and control

Because of this, PHP gives website developers greater power than other programming languages to develop a fully-functional website. However, PHP is not burdened by lengthy scripts like other programming languages. Using only a few lines of code is all that is required. Moreover, PHP supports tags, and as a result, website developers may use HTML tags to dynamically enhance the text.

Because PHP is written within tags, developers don’t have to bother about where to put scripts. If they’re inside the tags, codes, and functions do not have to be necessarily written in any particular sequence.


In this sense, PHP is fully free and open-source. When you purchase a pricey licence or programme, there are no costs associated. It is a very competent data store, especially for various types of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache. The development cost of a PHP-based website is very low.

Efficient performance

PHP has the capability to be an efficient language based on how well the web developer programmes. When used for coding, it is scalable, and when used for developing an abundance of different apps, it is entirely unique. When a website contains many web pages, the preferred programming language is HTML.


The PHP community is extremely helpful, actively involved, and broad. There are several useful features of this scripting language, such as built-in  functions, commands and codes that may be re-used without any charge. Also considered an incredibly popular server-side programming language, PHP has several excellent characteristics such as simplicity of use, simple integration, cost effectiveness, and accessibility.

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