Is She Cheating? 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating


Having a girlfriend can be fun if things are on the right track. However, things change when she starts seeing someone else. The worst part is when she cheats on you and you have no idea that she has been unfaithful.

If you have a girlfriend, it is possible to avoid a painful heartbreak by detecting the signs of cheating early. It is important to note that cheating does not always involve bad habits. She may be good to you all the time and still cheat.

Sometimes the signs may seem too obvious, but it is advisable to gather enough evidence before you confront her. With a simple phone app like Spyic, you track her movements, messages, and call logs to know the facts.

So, how do you know that your girlfriend has been cheating on you? Well, here are the 10 critical signs you should never ignore:

#1 She Has Changed Her Dressing Style

As a man, you should know what your girlfriend loves when it comes to clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Whether she loves high heels, red dresses or white pants, it’s up to you to find out.

If she has suddenly changed her wardrobe in the name of looking sexier, she could be seeing another man. She’s probably trying to match his taste of fashion if she is not wearing the new attire for you.

#2 She Wants to Use Her Phone Privately

The way your girlfriend behaves when using her phone can tell a lot about her. Usually, cheaters want to take calls in private to avoid suspicion. This happens if she is calling or texting someone she doesn’t want you to know.

There is nothing wrong with talking with other men, but the most important thing is how she talks with them. Perhaps she demands privacy when using her phone because of the texts and photos she sends or receives.

If you are determined to find the truth, read this guide to catch a cheating girlfriend with Spyic. You can spy on her text messages, social media conversations, photos, and calls remotely.

#3 She is No Longer Interested in Sex

If you have been having sex with your girlfriend, you should start worrying if she repeatedly refuses sex. Maybe she is having an affair with another man. She might tell you that she has decided to abstain, but you should investigate.

#4 She is Happy Without You

One of the most boring things is to realize that your girlfriend is happy without you. If she is cheating, she is likely to be more delighted to spend time with her friends instead of you. Maybe she is not happy with the relationship.

You should be careful if she starts going out with people she never used to talk about. Moreover, watch out for signs of being happy spending her leisure time with someone who seems to make her happy.

#5 She Makes Excuses for Being Late

The truth is that someone who loves you will not make numerous excuses. All excuses do not signify something bad, but you should think twice if she makes excuses all the time.

Why has she suddenly started having late-night meetings and frequent trips? Who are the girlfriends she claims to go out with every time she comes home late? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

#6 She Doesn’t Want You to Meet Her Friends

We are all social beings, so having friends and acquaintances is not a bad thing. However, you should not ignore it if your girlfriend prevents you from seeing some of her friends.

Some of her friends may know more about her than you do. This includes information about the people she has been interacting with and how she behaves at her place of work.

A cheater will try to keep you away from friends who might tell you things she doesn’t what you know. Her friends may accidentally mention her boyfriend only to realize that you are not the person they are talking about.

#7 She Fights and Complains For No Good Reason

To be honest, relationships are not a smooth ride because quarrels and fights will emerge from time to time. However, something is likely to be wrong if she quarrels, complains, and fights for no good reason.

If you have been fighting with her frequently and it’s evident that there is no good reason, think about it. Maybe she has found someone. Perhaps she wants to push you to the wall to make you end the relationship.

#8 She Ignores You

A girlfriend who is happy without her boyfriend will conveniently ignore him even in front of people. If she is a cheater, she will ignore your calls most of the time. It hurts to know that she doesn’t what to be seen with you.

Moreover, it hurts to realize that she has been ignoring your phone calls intentionally. She may start to ignore your video calls because she doesn’t want you to see the other guy. Ask her why she suddenly hates video calls.

#9 She Doesn’t Involve You in Her Plans

When two lovers are close to each other, they often plan things together. This includes vacations, dinners, hospital visits, and hikes. With that in mind, you should think about it if she no longer consults or invites you.

#10 She Flirts With Other Men in Your Presence

A true girlfriend will respect your feelings in the presence of other men. If she flirts with your male friends, it means that she doesn’t respect the way you feel. Maybe she does it to hurt you because she has found another man.


All in all, there are different ways to determine if your girlfriend is cheating on you. If she shows most of the signs described here, you are probably dating a cheater. Try to approach her in the best way possible to know the truth.

If she doesn’t want to talk about it and you still don’t know the truth, you can track her phone. We recommend Spyic, the leading phone spy app for monitoring someone’s location, keystrokes, messages, media files, and calls.

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