Is Snapchat Safe for Children, and What Can We Do to Make it Safe

Snapchat has become one of the most important parts of a teenager’s life. Every kid wants to become famous on this platform. The amazing concept of this application forced everyone to stay updated with its content. 

However, it is natural for parents to worry about their kids with this application. There are millions of Snapchat users, and parents are not sure whether their kids should use it or not. This article covers everything you need to know about Snapchat privacy and how you can improve it for your kid’s account.

Is Snapchat Safe For Kids

Technically, Snapchat is one of the most secure applications in the world. They spend millions of dollars to keep it a safe platform for its users. However, is it safe for kids?

Although this application is safe for kids, it may not be appropriate for them in some instances. It is a place where you can find different types of people all over the internet. Hence, you need to keep your kid away from bad influence.

To help you out, we have listed some of the best ways to make Snapchat appropriate for kids without making it boring for them.

How to make Snapchat Safe For Kids

You can make Snapchat a safe platform for your kids by making a few changes to their profile. All you need to do is make sure they are away from unwanted people and inappropriate content. Here are five tips to help you do that.

Tip1: Use a Phone Monitoring Application

You need to monitor their account to make sure your kid allows only known users on their list. Using a phone monitoring application allows you to monitor their Snapchat account remotely. The best thing is that you do not need to ask your kid for their login credentials to use this application.

Here is an excellent application that you can use for Phone monitoring:


TeenSafe is one of the leading application for tracking a device. You need to install it on the targeted device, and it will start tracking their phone activities. It shows all your social media accounts, location, call logs, and much more. 

The application is used by millions of parents for the same task. Additionally, you can use it as a parental control application to restrict your kid’s device activities. It is popular because anyone with basic or no technical knowledge can use it to track devices. Additionally, it is web-based and does not need to install an application on your device.

You can redirect to this page to know more about Snapchat monitoring with this application.

TeenSafe works by verifying your kid’s device with an online account. After that, you can access all the features from the dashboard of your account (as seen in the above picture). The setup process is simple and takes only 5-10 to sync the device.

Tip2: Restrict Their Profile Visibility

Snapchat allows its users to search for other users on this platform. All they need to do is enter their name, number,

 or search them from the contacts list. That is why they have introduced the profile visibility feature.

It allows you to manage your profile visibility on this platform. You can decide whether your profile should come upon a Snapchat search for your name or number. People can still add other users to their contacts list. Additionally, you need to accept the invitation from other users to add them to your list.

That is how you can protect your kid’s identity while allowing them to enjoy this application.

Tip3: Teach them to Block Unwanted Users

Anyone can share snaps on Snapchat. However, you can decide whether someone can send them to you or not. It has a feature to create friends on this platform to stay updated with their life. If you no longer want to receive someone’s Snapchat, you can remove them from the list.

Additionally, if someone is sending inappropriate snaps or messages, then you can block them as well. All you need to do is open their profile and click on the Block Person option. It will not only unfriend them but will also restrict them from contacting you in any other way. You can always unblock any user by checking the Unblock sign on their profile.

Note: Understand the difference between unfriending, blocking, and reporting. You must use all these options accordingly. Blocking and reporting are used when someone is harassing or sending inappropriate snaps to you. However, unfriending is used when you no longer want to stay updated with their stories or snaps.

Tip4: Turn Off the Snap Map

Snap Map is a feature that allows you to share your live location with your friends. You can check-in at different places using this feature. People use it to find some interesting places visited by their friends by locating them on the Snap Map. However, it can impact your kid’s privacy.

Hence, you can ask them for their device and turn off the Snap map. It will prevent the application from recording or sharing their live location on Snapchat. Although this feature is useful to share adventures, your kid may not require it at an early age.

Tip5: Report Unwanted Content

Snapchat is a community of millions of users. Hence, there will every type of person using this platform. You must report the unwanted content on your kid’s Snapchat device. The advantage of this action is that Snapchat’s algorithm will understand your preferences and automatically block similar content.

All you need is to browse their account for some time and report the unwanted content from different users. After some time, the algorithm will stop showing similar content on the account. 

Additionally, it will help create a better platform for kids where they can meet and stay updated with their friends. 

Final Words

All these tips will help you create a safe Snapchat environment for your kids. Additionally, there are many other things that you can do to help them understand this platform. Blocking and reporting inappropriate content is an excellent way to keep it clean for your kids.

However, Make sure to have a proper reason before reporting the content. If it is not appropriate for your kid, then mark it as irrelevant and report it.

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