Is THC Vape Juice any Good? Here is what you should know!

THC Vape

Marijuana is one of the drugs that sparks controversy, arguments, provokes governments into endless discussions, and raises criticism among scientists. However, the truth is, this drug is here to stay. Many governments around the world are now legalizing the drug despite the uproar it brings once a government legalizes it.

Experts in the medical industry suggest that consuming marijuana comes with loads of benefits. It reduces stress, pain, anxiety, and increases your appetite. A good puff would also offer an excellent way to relax after a long day of work. At present, you can also find several product innovations being made to leverage the medicinal and recreational properties of marijuana. One such is death bubba, which is prepared by crossing Bubba Kush and Death Star.

You can ingest cannabis through various manners. You can mix it with a drink, smoke it (which is the obvious one), and you could turn it into an e-liquid or vape juice for smooth smoke and quick intake.

Our article today focuses on the vape juice, and specifically the THC vape juice.

What is THC Vape Juice?

Cannabis contains various components that lead to its effects on humans and animals. The two major ones include THC and CBD. Although, at present, THC is also available in a less potent form known as Delta-8. However, cannabis users often have questions when using this particular variant such as “what is Delta-8?”, “for what purposes can Delta-8 be used?”, and “for how long does delta 8 stay in your system?” among many others.

Both of them have distinct effects on the user once you ingest it, in whichever way. For instance, THC offers the “high effect” while CBD does not; in reality, CBD offers the best way for patients to deal with pain if they do not require to be high. For that reason, doctors recommend this for most patients.

What encouraged the idea of vaping among many users?

Initially, people used to smoke pot in its grounded form.  In this state, the heat gets into contact with the entire joint and all its constituents; hence, the user experiences it in its entirety.

Nonetheless, smoking raises a few concerns

  • The user will have to inhale raw smoke into their body. With the amount of smoke going into your body, you end up hurting your lungs, which makes it unsafe
  • Heating methods makes this process expensive. A user will have to burn much of the cannabis, which also means that you will have to purchase more in quantity to feel its maximum effect
  • If you vape using a vape pen, you will require a high-temperature setting to heat the substance. Your battery life continues to decrease within a short time since you have to charge it often
  • The after taste can be unpleasant

To counteract all the adverse effects, vaping became a better alternative than traditional consumption.

How is it prepared?

It starts with the extraction of the THC from the hemp plant. You do this to ensure that you get the benefits of THC in high amounts.

Cannabis concentrates come in various forms.  The most commons include hashish, rosin, hash oil, shatter, crumble, sugar wax, budder, CO2 oil, and live resin (nowadays, rosin is been widely used by the cannabis industry as rosin is a clean concentrate product).

You can acquire them from an authorized dealer or someone that you trust. Note, in its wax state; you will have to turn it into a liquid form so that it can be usable in a good atomizer or vape pen.

What do you require, then in this case?

Remember, vaping is about turning solid or liquid into vapor. If you insert the cannabis concentrate into the pen in solid form, you will use a lot of energy to liquefy and evaporate it.

Furthermore, you would love to add some new effects to your marijuana. Some of the essentials that you could use include liquidizers and terpene thickener.


It consists of a liquid that you use to turn the concentrate, which is in wax form, into THC Juice. It reduces the amount of heat needed to turn it into vapor. Besides that, the solution contains an extra flavor to ensure that you do not experience the unpleasant after taste in the end.

Liquidizers come in flavors such as mango, pineapple, strawberry, banana, and blueberry.


Every plant, including the hemp plant, contains these diluent terpenes. It consists of a scent that plants use to either attract bees to them or discourage pests and herbivores from feeding on them.

You can choose to add strain specific terpenes to enhance the taste and the smell of the vapor you produce (if you want to make sure you get the best effects of a particular strain, live rosin retains terpenes even better than live resin). Diluents also enhance the solution’s thickness.

What are the benefits of using a vape juice?

  • It is safe for consumption. Organizations such as the FDA encourage its use since the smoke may not be as harmful as when you smoke it raw
  • Liquidizers and terpenes reduce aftertaste you get after smoking, which also means that you can vape it in public without raising any suspicions
  • You save your atomizer’s charge and you increase its longevity. Now, it does not use so much energy when turning the port from solid to vapor
  • It is cheaper than smoking raw cannabis

Final Thoughts

Vape juice is a good alternative for smoking pot. It also presents an easy way to carry it wherever you go. While buying atomizers, liquidizers, and terpenes, ensure that you buy them from an authorized dealer, and a trusted one.

Make sure that you use a syringe when adding a liquidizer to your concentrate. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to prevent reducing the effect of the vape.

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