Is There a Need for Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Software?

Is There a Need for Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Software?

eCommerce is pretty much a part of our lives now. It has taken an even greater role in 2020 due to the pandemic. It’s no surprise that people across the world have relied more on online purchases and payments and are continuing to do so. And wherever money is found in abundance, you are bound to see hackers, fraudsters, and cybercriminals.

While multiple security levels can detect and prevent hacking attacks to a major extent, we still see brands falling prey and losing billions of dollars overnight. If this is one constant concern, fraudsters acting as legitimate customers and duping businesses is another.

Do you know that the loss due to fraudulent activities in the eCommerce industry was estimated to around $12 billion in the US alone? The last you would want is to feature on that list. But we know no business is safe from criminals. You cannot declare that your business would not be affected.

You need a reliable and advanced system to assess the risk of fraudulent transactions, identify patterns, detect potential frauds, and generate reports. Using the relevant software is the only way you can assist your review team and makes their job easier. No team can deliver its 100% without proper tools, right?

The best ecommerce fraud prevention software is the solution to your problem. Whether you want to automate the process or empower your review team, you need to invest in comprehensive fraud prevention software offered by the leading software provider in the industry.

  • Deploy Faster

When you choose software provided by the rick management companies, you will not have to start from scratch or build your own system. You will only need to integrate the fraud prevention software with your eCommerce system using APIs. The software provider will take care of this issue. The experts will set up the software and even help train your review team to use it effectively.

  • Enhance System Security

The fraud prevention software needs access to your data (customers’ details, the payments, and every single transaction). This means that the software itself should first adhere to the security standards of the industry. The leading software provider would be PCI DSS Level 1 validated and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant so that your confidential and sensitive data will not be at risk whatsoever.

  • Get Regular Reports

If you cannot keep track of the frauds that have been detected and prevented, you cannot know the extent of the loss you avoided or the risk you have been facing. Also, knowing the accuracy and performance of the fraud prevention software will help you in getting the software customized to deliver better results. You can get the standard reports from the software or generate detailed ones by exporting the data to your systems. This data will allow you to be prepared for the future (since such frauds will only increase as the dependence on eCommerce increases).

  • Join the Community

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the support of fellow businessmen who are in the same situation? When you buy fraud prevention software from a popular software provider, you are joining the community of clients who work together to assist and support each other.

When you read the posts on community forums, you will understand the extent of risk every business is facing because of cybercriminals. Not just that, you can share your experiences anonymously and keep your business’s identity safe. If you have recently started your business or never have been a victim of eCommerce fraud, you can talk to the community members and understand how it happens.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

In today’s world, we cannot have technology or software that cannot be changed. Such software solutions get outdated in no time. You will only end up having to buy new software often.

The leading software provider has developed fraud prevention software that can be customized and changed to suit the changing requirements of the business. Using machine learning models, the software will adapt to real-time situations and optimize its performance accordingly. As the volume of business increases, the fraud prevention software can be scaled to match the increasing demands.

  • Global Support Services

The company that offers the best ecommerce fraud prevention software will have a global support team so that it can assist businesses around the world. Round the clock multilingual support via phone or email and ready assistance can help you manage the software and get the most out of it. If your business is located in multiple cities or countries, it will be easy for you to implement the same fraud prevention software throughout the enterprise.

Contact the leading multinational fraud and risk management company to know more about how they help different businesses tackle customer fraud, reduce losses, and increase ROI.

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