Is Your Web Hosting Provider Is Doing a Good Job?

It can be difficult to evaluate if your hosting provider is doing a good job, especially with a lot of hosting companies providing a lot of similar services. 

This article gives some information on how to check if the web hosting provider is giving you the quality services you deserve.

1. Your Hosting Is up and Running

The server accessibility is the first and the most important aspect of web hosting. Good hosting company assures a high availability of its servers. If the web hosting package is up and running all the time, then the hosting provider is doing a good job. Of course, from time to time maintenance needs to be done, but there should be good communication regarding the upcoming maintenance or updates on your server, so that you can prepare for it. 

2. The Support is Available

It is crucial to get great support in the internet business. This is the second most important aspect of a good hosting provider. Contacting provider in case of a question should be simple. The contact form should be easy to find on the website or the client area. The possibility to contact the support live, for example, live chats, also gives credit to the provider. 

3. Possibility to Improve Hosting

In case you  need a bigger package, the possibility to upgrade the package into a bigger one is really important. No one likes moving files to another location and redirecting domains because  a bigger package is needed while staying with the same provider. Having the ability to make an upgrade into a bigger package with more resources allows you to keep using the services without any interruptions of your active site.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Ability to receive a refund for the services is a key component for hosting. If the hosting provider does not offer a money back guarantee, it is a signal that the company may not be able to ensure the quality of its services. The money back guarantee helps  customers feel safe when trying out services or asking support for help. 

5. Knowledge Base or Other Tutorial Forums

Not everyone wants to write to support every time they have a question about services. Having a section on the website for tutorials on how to use the service lets one find the desired information . Information should be easy to  search for and find. Tutorials should be up-to-date and consist of steps that are easy to follow. 

6. One-click Easy-to-Install Tool

Almost all good providers have some kind of a tool, which is usually called a one-click installer, which is available for web hosting packages. It provides easy ways to automatically install your chosen application without the need to manually upload  files into the server, create database and finish the installation. On one-click installers installation steps are much shorter and the creation of database is automatic. 

Summing up, based on the article above you can check if your web hosting provider is doing a good job. Some of the mentioned aspects, for example, the available support and the server accessibility, are  more important than others (the one-click installer, the knowledge base). However, generally all the points mentioned are important when evaluating if the provided services are of a high quality. 

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