Why JetSmarter is a class apart, when it comes to private aviation


Don’t blame yourself if you are no longer happy with commercial flights. It is the case with most of us. No one wants to waste the precious time by waiting in long queues and face the hassles that several home-grown airlines might provide. Moreover, pulling life’s contrivances especially in travel would be rather foolish for people in a rush. Forget about the experience, when you don’t even enjoy the meal, you have every right to be disappointed. Don’t you?

However, if you’ve never flown in a private jet, you might not experience the fun and luxury of its services. A private plane offers an entirely different experience, in comfort and in class. You don’t have to deal with the TSA or go through numerous security checks, unless you have a very bad track record. There are many private aviation companies, but all of them are not big and luxurious. However, some of these companies come loaded with a number of facilities. If you are looking for quick accessible services, you may want to check out JetSmarter, a members-only mobile market place for shared and private charter flights. It is quite different from the rest of the companies in many ways.

The company allows you to fly private and share the jet with others so you don’t have to shell out a lot to benefit from these services. The deals JetSmarter offers are incredibly affordable. You need to pay a starting fee of $3,000. After that, you can pay $9,000 each year. They also have an app which is very useful, especially in an era where everything happens with a swipe. If you are a last minute traveller, you will find JetSmarter a lot more convenient and comfortable, as the available flight options keep changing regularly. You can also get the empty legs available as part of the membership.

The JetShuttle service of this company is nothing short of amazing. You get two tokens, which will allow you to book two segments at any time. The best part is that once you fly, you will get your token back. Furthermore, the company keeps adding new routes especially around Europe and North America. Recently, it added four new routes on the Gulfstream IV SP including New York – San Francisco, New York – Las Vegas, Los Angeles – Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Lauderdale – Las Vegas.

All in all, the experience with JetSmarter keeps getting better with time, you will know it once you get started. You may be addicted by the services, but it’s worth the addiction. At least you will be safe from those domestic flyers, where you rub shoulders with stinky passengers at times. With private jets, you can say goodbye to the overpriced popcorn and cola to pass your time and enjoy your journey with JetSmarter flights in your own private comfort zone.

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