Keeping Your Business Alive While Social Distancing is in Effect

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Before 2019 ended, every business made great plans 2020, possibly foreseeing nothing but good fortune. And then a pandemic suddenly strikes the world, forcing many businesses to put a halt to their plans involving close contact with customers and totemporarily shut down.

There is no guarantee yet that the curve will flatten anytime soon. Cases are still rising, and while some places are already beginning to ease their social distancing measures, businesses considered “nonessential” are still prohibited from reopening, further slowing down the income streams of their owners.

Hence, it’s highly important for entrepreneurs to have a contingency plan ready. A pandemic may be impossible to predict, but with well thought out plans, this period will never be the cause of your business’s downfall.

That said, let’s walk you through the success strategies you can use to stay thriving.

#1 Invest in an Excellent Client Onboarding System

Now that social distancing has become the “new normal,” you should consider transforming into a remote company, which means that you’d make most of your interactions with your clients digital. A new client onboarding system that has better features and functionalities can help you achieve that.

You can keep serving your clients through this software, letting them see their deal progresses and every information relevant to their deals. This enables you to practice transparency, which your clients will appreciate. In turn, you can expect their loyalty, trust, and commendation for staying on top of your game even with a crisis.

#2 Connect Instead of Sell

These days aren’t the best time to be too promotional, or you’ll just appear apathetic, which would be detrimental for your image. Instead, aim to connect with your customers instead of trying to sell to them. Develop campaigns that express your common ground with your customers – facing difficulties. By doing this,they will remember your business as someone that cares instead of abuses the crisis.

#3 Partner With Other Business

You can either partner with a less-affected business, or join forces with another struggling company. Choose a partner that’s closely related to the nature of your business. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you can partner with a grocer and have your products sold at their grocery store, since those establishments remain open. This way, your customers can continue buying your products, and your stocks won’t end up as waste.

#4 Spread Positivity

With people anxious and stressed, spreading messages of hope and positivity is crucial. Use your social media pages to let your audience know that you’re with them as the world tries to overcome this pandemic. Making your audience feel safe and cared for will earn your brand a favorable image that’ll last even after the pandemic is beaten.

#5 Set New Goals

This pandemic can serve as a lesson for many businesses to start adopting more streamlined measures to bring costs lower and profits higher. If time-consuming processes and low productivity is your problem, consider automating some tasks to give your staff more time to focus on their more important responsibilities. Automation helps eliminate bottlenecks that thwart productivity, takes off mundane and boring tasks from your to-do list, and helps you accomplish plenty of work every day even if you’re short-staffed.

It may also be difficult for you as an entrepreneur to stay driven during this period, but remember that this setback is only temporary, and the world shall bounce back. The only way to overcome a crisis is to adapt to it rather than resist, so do that by evolving your business and making it stronger, just like how you’d boost your health.

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