What is KYC Automation And How Does It Work?

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Change is the only constant thing in the world; as you can observe, from food, clothing, gadgets, smartphones, transportation, and even technology has already evolved. Gone are those days where people are into manual and labor engagement but instead today’s generation and technology have made everyone’s life easier and comfortable. One of the most innovative changes is KYC Automation. If you are quite not familiar with it, it is basically an essential digital approach where companies acquire because of its favorable result.

What Is KYC Automation?

KYC Automation is the most essential element on today’s onboarding; before this element is treated as mere compliance for every business and or financial sector but now it is the most integral element for the operational running of the business, compliance cost, impacting onboarding times and operating margins and cost. KYC (Know Your Customer) is an important aspect of a company that allows it to process payments and build a solid relationship with its clients. Your business must implement KYC Compliance Checks to prevent harmful legal risks. Whereas the traditional ways before are:

  • Maintaining compliance is challenging basically when the regulatory requirements frequently increase.
  • The manual processes are time-consuming and often leads to poor services.
  • It can erode the supposed profit.

Furthermore, KYC Automation is the best technology to successfully implement the identification system in place and properly screens your customer to make sure you can provide a good service.

How Does It Work?

The AU10TIX will basically receive the data by the end-user in real-time and immediately performs a broad check to properly verify the details and the identity; in just a minute or two AU10TIX completes the KYC checks and will efficiently provide the result may it be pass or fail. Through it, this will allow your core team to monitor on the results in the real-time base while enhancing with due diligence on the client.

Benefits of KYC Automation

KYC Automation basically gives comfort and easy access for your business’ data and other important files. True enough, this element is very helpful for you to efficiently work in your office; below are the key benefits of having KYC Automation:


  • Global Company Data
  • Process Efficiencies
  • Ongoing Compliance
  • PEP and Sanctions Data
  • Streamline Onboarding
  • Single API

Advantages Of KYC Automation

KYC Automation offers an exemplary edge and allows the users to solve issues that are faced in the lack of regulations. As we have mentioned, KYC already goes beyond mere compliance but instead:

  • The innovation to KYC Automation can help to deliver streamlined operations, lower costs, and excellent client service
  • It can provide immutability of records, enhanced privacy and security, and a shared ledger
  • It can provide a much more professional and high degree of services towards your client

The favorable results of KYC Automation have undergone a successful impact that is no longer being viewed as ordinary compliance. KYC Automation is the right technology that can fulfill and attain whatever goal you have in your business. Rest assured, AU10TIX can provide you good service without risking the high quality; and with AU10TIX your satisfaction is highly guaranteed.

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