10 Best Web Design Software for Beginners

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With the highly evolving development insights it is quite certain to look for software tools that could help in the best designing of websites. While you could easily find one of the best web design software, beginners will have to look for support that could make things rather easier for them. Tools with interesting features and functionalities make things rather easier along with the interesting template designs that they bring about. 

Best Web Designing Software for Beginners

However, you may be seeking tools that do not complicate the creation of even the simplest templates and ease the work for beginners. You would really want something reliable when you know that you may have to write hundreds of codes for one perfect website. So, if you have been haunting for software tools that could help in ascending with tasks being completed duly, here are some of the best tools and platforms for you: 

#1 WordPress

This is one of the most popular, free and simple open source web designing platform that is also highly preferable. Integrating some of the most relevant drag and drop features it allows designing templates very easily. WordPress lets your generate any type of website design very easily whether you’re seeking to create it as per business theme or for real estate. You also have a fully-fledged library of excellent WordPress themes to save up a lot of your time. You could easily download the most preferable WordPress theme and edit the same as per your requirements. Apart from the basic features the various elements in the ways required. All you need is a domain name and hosting to get started. 

#2 Wix

This is a very powerful web design software based on drag and drop builder. Being a hosted solution, it lets you create web pages here without having to purchase your own domain name and hosting. You cannot really download Wix web designs but could move them to WordPress. The Wix editor is quite simple and intuitive and therefore very helpful. 

You may easily drag and drop elements onto your templates. You can use blank web pages for introducing your own creative web designs and also the readily available designs accordingly. Among various web building tools Wix could be regarded as one of the most advanced options. A free account with it lets you enjoy all the important basic features. You may further upgrade to premium plans once you’re sure. 

#3 Weebly

This popular software for web building and designing could be used for creating eCommerce stores and general websites. It’s considered to be trustable and reliable by millions of users on the interment. Its drag and drop interface allows you to create web pages very easily within a few minutes. This one is also known to be a hosted solution just like Wix. It offers various faster loading and powerful options for creating web pages. You can create pages without writing even a single line of coding. You could come up with absolutely beautiful websites using this tool. 

#4 Adobe Photoshop

This premium web design tool comes along tons of options for the creation and editing of your respective web design templates. Since it works with images, you could come up with excellent graphics for your websites. You can include-in an infinite range of colors and various gradient options to come with the most lucrative and attractive template designs. 

It provides you with a black canvas where you can bring down your imagination to reality within a few easy steps. You could use this to move elements, attach images, crop edges, draw boxes and edit your template accordingly. Since it works with layers, your work tends to get much easier. You can easily manage your website designs as you may desire. You may however require some training before you start with it. 


This is known to one of the most popular among various free web design tools. Just like Adobe Photoshop, it makes use of images for the creation of templates and web pages. It may not come along the same advanced features like Photoshop; however, it holds on to all important tools that may be essential for creating web templates that look elegant and perform well. This software is said to be available for all different devices. With this you can make use of different high resolution images for creating artworks, web designs and mock-ups. 

#6 Sketch

This is one of the best web design software for Mac devices. This is a highly dependable tool for web designs and templates. It tends to work with vector images which will let you get high-resolution and dependable results every time.  It comes with very simple options and toolbar. With Sketch you can manage and create your web pages with utmost flexibility. Its mirroring feature allows you to test your website on various devices like tablets or mobile phones. Thus, you can be sure about how your web designs are going to look on various devices. 

#7 Figma

This is excellent multi-user web design software that lets you work on the same templates along with other users. It is a perfect tool when you’re required to discuss projects with your clients and make relevant changes to templates. Figma allows designers to give entirely new dimensions to web designers. It comes along various colors, fonts and other considerable settings within the editing panel. It provides with amazing tools and options when creating complete web templates or even icons. You can opt for both free and premium plans with Figma. 

#8 Canva

This is an interesting free tool. Although it couldn’t be considered as full-fledged website creator you could surely use this to create elements that provide excellent elements for your templates. You can use this tool for creating images that could be included within your website designs. The different templates it brings along, makes work even easier for you. If you think that you lack designing skills, then this tool would surely help in coming up with some great options for sure.

#9 Bootstrap

This one is also a popular framework for creating web designs and excellent websites. It is a great tool for technical users to create perfect front-end designs. It holds on to some of the most advanced features of web development. This powerful framework could be utilized for preparing web designs with CSS, HTML and JS. It comes along pre-built templates that could excellently work with the Bootstrap framework. You may get these templates edited to obtain desirable designs. 

#10 Squarespace

Squarespace could be regarded as one of the best website builder allowing creating template and web pages with utmost ease; proving it to be perfect for beginners. It is really popular among designers for the considerable flexibility it offers. You can surely prefer this one for the ease of use it provides and the best results it delivers. 

While there are endless designing opportunities around you and you may be seeking for the best web design software that could be perfectly handled by beginners; the above listed website builders and design tools could be highly preferable. 

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