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Website insights are crucial in developing businesses online. It’s essential to track the user activity on the web page to understand the customer’s requirements. There are thousands of tools available online both free and paid versions, to track the analytics. But how can we know which ones are good enough to meet your business needs?

Here are few latest analytical tools available online that are trending in tracking the website insights like never before.

Google Analytics

This is a classic tool for insights by google. Google Analytics can be the best and simple option if you need to track the user activity also to measure the essential metrics of the webpage. It is a free tool and is easily accessible with any basic knowledge on optimization. It measures keyword density, page speed, and any critical errors in the coding side of the web design. Needless to say, there are many advanced tools to measure on a micro level that are more beneficial.

VWO ( Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO is an advanced tool that lets you track the insights by allowing A/B testing for On-page optimization. VWO is a great tool for improving on-page insights on a website. The attractive feature of the tool is that it allows recording the live activity of the user which helps in identifying the bounce rate. This tool is highly suggested for e-commerce websites and is of great help in rectifying high bounce rates.

This tool has a 7-day free trial and paid version.


An intercom is an analytical tool for web apps or mobile apps. If your business owns apps, then Intercom is a very useful tool to track the app activity and also gives multi insights of the user and the user devices. It is suitable for iOS and Android devices.

Intercom tool allows to track and interact with users while they are in action with a couple of Javascript codes. With this tool, one can instantly pop up notifications and announcements. This tool is freely available for 14 days.


One of the most required tools for any business. Usually, when checking for link buildup, we often notice the spammers and fake traffickers tagging our websites for diverting high traffic. This is a huge loss for businesses. Pave AI enacts in collaboration with Google Analytics usually. This tool helps detect fake traffic and spam links tagged and remove them effectively.

This will give a clean track of traffic insights of your webpage. If you are bothered by fake user traffic on your web page, then this tool can be your savior. Let us not miss that it is a completely free tool without any paid versions.


Cyfe is an all-in-one analytical tool that acts as a dashboard showcasing user insights from third-party resources like Google Adwords, Paypal, etc.

This tool requires no coding to plugin and automatically tracks the user activity in websites and shares the updates. This tool is very useful in knowing the audience preferences.


Kissmetrics is said to be one of the best tools for tracking the sales journey of the customer. This tool actively tracks through the sales funnels and detects the customer’s interests and also identifies the location from where there is a higher bounce rate.

It has inbuilt email services, so you can mail your customers relative to their behavior on your web page. If you own a web page that is focused on sales then you must need this tool.

It has no free version available, but paid versions prove to be worth the purchase.

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog SEO is a very powerful tool to track your SEO and On-page insights. This tool crawls your webpage content and delivers an accurate report on your SEO insights. This tool is super useful for the web pages that are Brand conscious. It gives a detailed report on every error and broken code with precise location. The free version of this tool limits the number of URLs.

Every business has a goal and needs tools to achieve it. It is simpler now with these amazing tools available online. But not all the tools are suitable for your business because every business goal is different and certain tools might not be just the right ones to help you achieve your goal. So, before you choose your tools, analyze your goal and requirements and then pick the right ones. Website insights are as important as business growth. There are cool free versions of tools available. Choose your tools wisely.

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