Lenovo Yoga 920 review: Impressive touchscreen 2-in-1 laptop

Lenovo Yoga 920

Laptops have now been turned into touchscreen versions for a long time now. There are many impressive performing touchscreen laptops in the market right now but Lenovo Yoga 920 is the king of them all.

Lenovo Yoga 920 is the successor of Lenovo Yoga 910 which packs13.9 inch screen, 360 degree hinges with Thunderbolt 3, massive battery life, and 4K Ultra HD screen. At the price of Rs. 1,49,990, this might not be a cheap laptop but it is an impressive powerhouse. Though this laptop has also been replaced with the new Lenovo Yoga C930, still this device is you can look out in the market. Order your best Lenovo devices online with Tata Cliq Offers today to get good rates everytime.

This 2-in-1 laptop straight out compete with Surface series but does Lenovo Yoga 920 stand out amongst all? Let’s check out in the Lenovo Yoga 920 review below:

Design and Display

Lenovo Yoga 920 is a premium looking device which brings every frame of it as impressive in design on the table. The laptop gets a thin body, light weight, and sturdy look. As per the dimensions are concerned, it weighs 1.73kg measuring 12.7 x 8.8 x 0.5 inches.

The Lenovo device gets metallic finish which might look really premium but it doesn’t smudge proof as the device can catch fingerprints easily. So, you might have to keep some microfiber to keep it clean and classy.

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The hinges are same as the predecessor ones making it 2-in-1 laptop. The hinges are strong and you can flip the screen without any adverse thought in mind. Lenovo has done a great job in making the hinges strong.

Coming to the display, Lenovo Yoga 920 packs a 13.9-inch touchscreen with very thin bezels. A piece of good news for Lenovo fans- the webcam has returned to the place it should be. Unlike its predecessor, the webcam has come on the top for catch images and smooth video chats. Last time, it was on the bottom which was creating disruptions. There are enough port numbers on the device with inbuilt Bluetooth support too.


Lenovo also brings the battery powered Active Pen stylus with its Lenovo Yoga 920. This stylus works pretty fins and also designed well. As soon you tap the screen with it, the screen responds well. It is a great thing that Lenovo has included the stylus in its package because Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 couldn’t add it in its package.


Under the hood, Lenovo Yoga 920 uses an Intel Core i7 processor paired with 8GB and 16GB RAM variants. It is a Windows 10 device which runs smoothly on this. You will get no lags or interruptions during performing daily tasks. But, the fans kicked off whenever there was a heavy task to start. Even during the extraction if the large file to compressed one, the fans started which are pretty loud- a con.

Though the web browsing with multiple tabs went fine. The keyboard too is a comfortable place to put the fingers on with perfect spacing. The touchscreen is responsive and fast with both fingers and stylus. As the device comes in both Ultra HD and 1080p variants, they both give outstanding results in terms of color, brightness, and visuals.

If you are looking for heavy gaming on this device, sadly Lenovo Yoga 920 isn’t the one for you. Though it can work fine with older games, but it still struggles in terms of GPU and won’t satisfy much. Moreover, you won’t enjoy gaming on this device- Not a gaming device. You can choose AliExpress Coupons today to get latest Gadgets available to you at best rates.

Battery Life

Lenovo has said that the device can give you 12 hours of the usage with its power packed battery. It brings Lithium ion 70 Watt Hours battery on the life. Though whatever company claims, the device can give you 9 hours easily without a single charge. If you are using it for internet and doing high tasks, this might come down to 4-5 hours. Yoga 920 can be charged with USB-C port which charges the device very fast. There are many ports which are always on- so you can charge your other devices if your device is shut down too.


Jumping straight to the pros of this device, Lenovo Yoga 920 is a beautifully designed thin 2-in-1 laptop with great performance and clear sound. But, with every pro there are cons. Same goes with this device, the laptop is not for gaming and fans are really loud. Also, you can’t get rid of the keyboard during tablet mode which can be annoying. Though they have added a stylus, it still feels cheap because of the plastic body. Overall, Lenovo’s this 2-in-1 laptop is a premium device which gives us a great price to performance value- Definitely worth considering

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