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Usually speaking, from the calculations made, business internet speed is around 2 to 5 times faster than the residential connections. It means more people get the services done quickly. With the fiber based broadband-wired neighborhoods coming up everywhere with the promise of low pricing and higher speed internet, the choice between the residential and business internet remains pretty simple.

Business internet is known to have extra benefits and features, when compared to the residential sector. So, the extra cost is worth it. Residential internet will restrict the upload speed and will come with best effort based service agreements. Then you have the business internet, which will demand faster uploading speeds for performing some operations. Along with that, the ISPs are here to present you with guaranteed service along with uptimes, when it comes to business internet.

Build for business fiber network by your side:

The fiber network, which is solely created for business, is your one-time solution while looking for the best internet for business in here. The success of your business solely depends on proper connectivity with the suppliers, customers and even partners. The reliable team from LOGIX is here for supporting the major business activities with ease, considering it to be the best internet choice for smaller and larger business firms.

  • Noted to be a much preferred option under business internet and fiber network provider, LOGIX will provide network coverage of over 280,000 fiber miles. So, it helps to connect 3000+ enterprise buildings along with around 100 data centers.
  • So, most of the demanding firms depend on this internet value statewide, for offering the best fiber network and business based internet solutions. It helps to support the growth goals well.

Benefits associated with LOGIX:

LOGIX fiber network happens to have some of the biggest benefits you could have gladly asked for. Some of those points are noted below for your better knowledge and to help you make the right choice later.

  • Here, you will receive a complete speeding range, which will include Limited under 100 Mbps, Basic under 250 Mbps, Standard as 500 Mbps, and Gig speed or the 10 GBPS higher mark.
  • Some of the IP address options over here for you to come across are IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. So, you have options to check out before making the right choice in here.
  • With LOGIX fiber network for business, you will receive IP layer device, included with the box. So, no need to purchase it separately.
  • On the other hand, you have BGP or Border Gateway Protocol along with some of the other multi-homing options, which are currently available.

Why people head towards LOGIX so much these days?

The above mentioned points will literally help you to fall for LOGIX as the best internet service for your businesses. But, there are some other reasons behind its growing popularity.

  • You will receive top-notch reliability as procured from LOGIX NOC. The main goal of this network Operations Center is to currently check out the fiber performance and speed. It is used for delivering proper dependability and exceptional uptime.
  • Enjoy fastest bandwidth with symmetrical speeds for around 10 GBPS for supporting all the voice and data related business needs.
  • No matter how prominent customer care and service you are looking for, this team is proud to provide you with the same. They are able to handle all sorts of maintenance, install and request activities in here.
  • You can enjoy scalability and reliability through completely dedicated business based fiber network.
  • You will enjoy a complete range of the flexible business based connection options for supporting your growing needs.

Be sure to ask for a quote first from the experts regarding their fiber network and business internet based solutions. They are more than happy to assist you in this venture.

Powering up multiple data under one go:

The business wavelength of LOGIX will be able to power up multiple voices, data and video applications in just some native protocols. Furthermore, you get the chance to hike up rapidly when the business is here to change without any need to worry about complexities associated with network management.

LOGIX is known to have business voice trunks service. The main goal over here is to simplify the business internet and voice and then enable higher capacity throughout.

Enjoying carrier services:

If you want, LOGIX can present you with top-notch carrier services. It provides connections to almost major third-party data centers along with some help with dark fiber. You can take help of LOGIX’s managed wavelength service. It is cost-effective in nature and you can choose metro Ethernet service from one point to another. You can select it from one point to multipoint and to any wide area network connection.

So, whenever you are trying to find the best internet service for your business, don’t forget to give LOGIX a try.

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