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It is common knowledge that Macs are decent at self-caring and keeping up with an occasional cleanup. Yet regardless, most users still experience the need to get rid of a few things every now and then to make more room on their main drive. Even Apple recognized the users’ needs and added a proprietary suite of tools with the release of macOS Sierra. While it’s been a step in the right direction, you often find yourself needing to remove file duplicates, search for forgotten large media files, or sweep data across all browsers. Built-in utilities can’t deal with that so you have to go looking for help from a third-party. Often the solutions you will find will cost you a pretty penny, but don’t haste to bust out your credit card. Today we’re looking at a free app that can do it all on the house.

MacFly Pro First Impressions

MacFly Pro is a free application that sets out to make quality Mac maintenance available for the masses. Right off the bat, you are greeted by the simplistic-yet-charming design that gets you straight to the point. By default, the Smart Assistant tab is selected. It updates you on the current condition of your system, shows the amount of free storage currently available on your drive, what is using your RAM, and how much space you can free up by emptying the contents of the Trash bin. Besides picking up the up-to-date information about your system, Smart Assistant will take up the responsibility of reminding you to run a cleanup once temporary data exceeds acceptable limits on your Mac. The good thing is that nothing is enforced, the assistant does only the reminding, you get full control over what is being removed from your Mac.

Features Deep Dive

All of the other features offered by MacFly Pro are subdivided into two categories Cleanup and Tools. Cleanup houses all the features that will help you deal with residual system data and temporary files generated by other third-party applications installed on your Mac. In brief, here is what you can expect from every module located in the Cleanup category:

  • System: erase user and system cache and logs, delete unwanted localization files.
  • Leftovers: delete data left behind by the apps that have already been uninstalled from your Mac.
  • Memory: give your RAM a boost by clearing out unused processes running in the background.
  • Mail Attachments: clean up the files saved by the Apple Mail app.
  • Extensions: manage all extensions across all browsers currently installed on your Mac.

Even if you don’t find yourself in need of occasional temporary data cleaning, Tools bring in the possibilities you will not want to give up. This category groups together the features that will help maximize free storage by means of dealing with unneeded files as well as data security-oriented utilities. Take a look:

  • Duplicates: locate and delete all kinds of file duplicates, including Photos and iTunes duplicates.
  • Apps: completely uninstall any application deleting the main .app file along with all of its secondary data
  • Big Files: filter large files by use or size and take back large chunks of space by removing them
  • Shredder: securely delete your files making them impossible to recover
  • Privacy: erase your private data across all browsers at once

Paid App Made Free

The entire package is wrapped in an intuitive design which makes it easy to figure things out. Nothing flashy, just minimalistic and functional. What really makes MacFly Pro stand out is that, unlike much of its competition, MacFly Pro can be used at no cost. That’s right, starting off August 2018 MacFly Pro is free to download, no trials or limitations, no ads. This immediately launches MacFly Pro to the top of bang for your buck list.

Final Note

MacFly Pro is not the most popular cleaner on the market (yet), but it can boast with features its competition would typically offer for a premium. If you are looking to take a more serious look at Mac maintenance and Apple-provided features just don’t cut it, then MacFly Pro will do a great job filling in the missing tools. It may not be the perfect app, yet at zero cost, it does not get any better than that.

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