Mail Server Hosting: Dedicated or Shared?

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Emails are one of the most important components of an organisation. It enables effective conversations between employees of the same organisation or between employees of different organisations. It also enables conversations between the business and its stakeholders which is very important for a business to succeed.

This is why Emails are not to be taken lightly if you are running a business. Every organisation should ensure that their Emails are

  • fast,
  • secure and
  • virus free.

This is made possible by various Email hosting services in the market. This article is about why you should opt for paid Email hosting and what should you look for in an Email hosting service.

Why should you opt for Dedicated Mail Server Hosting?

Most of the web hosting companies provides email hosting bundled with the web hosting package, then why should you opt for separate SMTP Email server hosting? It looks like a good idea to have everything bundled in a package but in reality there are certain setbacks to using web hosting as email server. Let’s see how:-

Website Downtime

No web hosting package can guarantee one hundred percent uptime for its clients. There is bound to be times where your website will be down and if you share your email and web hosting then at downtimes, it will render emails useless. Now, your organisation can tolerate maybe 10 minutes of website downtime everyday BUT ten minutes of Email downtime per day is not at all tolerable. It means that for those ten minutes you cannot send or receive any Emails. This can cause lots of losses in the long run. This is why it is advised to have a separate mail server hosting package for your business emails.

Emails Blacklisted

Many web hosting providers use the same Email server for many of their clients. This is economical for them but for you, this may be a big downside. If even one of the fellow clients of the web hosting company use the Emails to send spam, the IP can get blacklisted by Mail Servers of your clients. This will result in tarnished reputation and huge losses. This is why you should opt for a separate Mail Server Hosting on a dedicated IP which will be used only by you. Even if you don’t get a dedicated IP for your emails, SMTP email providers are strict with spam related issues and won;t let your IP be blacklisted for spam that others send.


Running a big organisation is a tedious task and you are bound to face problems that need to be taken cared of quickly. This is where support comes in. SMTP email providers provide 24×7 support to its clients which may not be the case with bundled hosting. For them, Email is not a priority so the support staff won’t prioritize your queries.

Moving to a new host

If for some reason you would like to move to a new web hosting company, be it for scaling or budget purposes. You will have to move your entire Email facility too. This can be a tedious task if your web hosting doesn’t have good support software regarding exports. This isn’t the issue with dedicated Mail server hosting as you won’t have to move all your Emails every time you change your web hosting provider. Even if you want to change your dedicated mail server hosting provider, they have plenty of support regarding exporting of data to your new host.

Additional Features

Your hosting provider may be the best in the industry and they would provide the best features for web hosting purposes. But, it is very unlikely that they have good email hosting features. Emails provided by your host may have fewer features than a dedicated mail hosting service provider. The features can be storage space, transfer speeds, bulk email support, setting up email campaigns and lots more. Having a dedicated mail server hosting saves you a lot of effort in these sectors. They have experience and expertise in Email hosting that web hosting providers can’t provide.

Disadvantages of using Free Email Services

If you own a small business, there is a good probability that you’re using free email services like GMail, Yahoo, etc. They are undoubtedly very reliable and provide lots of additional features like Google Drive, Onedrive, etc. but there  are a few limitations to them if you’re looking to use them for corporate email purposes.


If you opt for a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo then you will have to use their own subdomain like [email protected] or [email protected]. This isn’t good for corporate purposes as you would like to use [email protected] instead.

Storage Space

Free email services have limited amount of storage space around 25 GB which can’t be increased. This will require you to delete or archive emails and attachments regularly to make sure that there’s space for new Emails


Similar to bundled email hosting, free web hosting providers offer very little support and won’t prioritize your queries over paid clients. This poses to be a problem for your business whether it is small sized or a big corporation.


Email is an integral part of any organisation. This is the reason why Mail Server Hosting is a must have for an organisation irrespective of what its size is. Opting for a dedicated Mail server hosting instead of a bundled one is preferred because it provides loads of extra features and support which will help in boosting the productivity of your business and will allow scaling in the future.


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