Major Factors That Determine the Value of Your Links

Major Factors That Determine the Value of Your Links

Backlinks are something every link builder searches for due to the value they offer to a website and business in general. Getting backlinks is not as hard nowadays if you know how to go about it. However, you must understand how to determine a link’s value because that enables you to decide which one will provide desirable results. There’s no need to invest your time and money only to get useless backlinks. This guide is here to show you the major factors that determine the value of links. Read on.

  1. Page Rank

PageRank (PR) is a special algorithm that measures the quality of links leading to your web pages to help determine their value. PR looks at backlinks as votes. Therefore, if you have many backlinks, that means you can be trusted, hence making you an authority in your niche.

So, try and get backlinks from websites with a high PR as they’ll provide the most value. Also, doing that will show Google that you’re authoritative, thus increasing your PageRank score. Additionally, combine getting backlinks from trustworthy sites with internal linking to get better results.

  1. Anchor Text

Anchor texts are vital in determining a link’s value. If you don’t know what anchor texts are, they’re clickable words containing hyperlinks connecting one article to another, either on the same website or others. An anchor text gives you an idea of where the link heads before you even click on it.

Also, anchor texts usually help search engines to determine the value of a particular link by looking at its clickable phrases. So, search engines use anchor texts to tell what the linked site is all about and the type of keywords it should rank for.

Therefore, placing your anchor texts strategically, especially when writing guest posts, can help you rank higher effortlessly.

In addition, you should ensure the anchor texts are relevant to avoid being spammy and getting punished by Google.

  1. Domain Authority

Domain authority is a huge and popular ranking factor that helps to boost backlink portfolios perfectly. The domain authority can be any value from a scale of 0-100, and the more you score, the higher the possible ranking position.

This metric is mostly calculated using the number of backlinks or linking root domains you have. Therefore, a link from a website with a high DA is more valuable as it will undoubtedly accompany significant link juice, hence distributing power signals to your site and enabling you to rank higher.

Boosting your DA can be tricky sometimes, which is where enlisting the help of a professional company offering Blogger Outreach Services comes in. However, remember to research first to avoid hiring a non-competent company.

Professional link building is all about looking for opportunities that’ll help your website gain more authority and appear on the first page of search engines. Therefore, get backlinks from sites that will provide powerful links to facilitate your goal. But, how do you tell if a certain site will provide valuable links? This article discusses significant factors that determine the value of links. Go through them, making sure to understand how they work, then include them in your link building strategy immediately.

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