Major in These Online Rummy Variations of 13 Card Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a classic card game that has been played across multiple generations in India. This age long love for the game has given birth to a number of exciting rummy variations over time and online gaming operators have been quick to adopt them in their world of gaming.

We shall explore these amazing variants today and identify viable earning opportunities that different online gaming portals are offering to rummy lovers of this generation. The fun doubles when you get awesome returns for free, right?

Let’s get started and rewarded.

Indian Rummy Variations

Indian Rummy has matured into different forms across different cultures; however, three standard variations are played by people nationwide and have become widely popular with time. Here, we shall talk about 13 card Indian rummy and its popular variants that are offered in online rummy portals today.

13 Card Indian Rummy

To begin with, 13 Card Indian Rummy is played among 2-8 players who are required to make valid combinations of sets and sequences in the shortest possible time with or without the help of joker. Keeping this basic gameplay intact, online rummy gamers have added a few flavors to make it even more exciting.

Let’s discuss these popular online rummy variations played today.

  1. Pool Rummy
  2. Deal Rummy
  3. Points Rummy

#1 Pool Rummy

This is the most popular form of rummy that’s further divided into 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. Any player who reaches 101/201 points in the game gets eliminated. The winner receives zero points.

#2 Deals Rummy

Deal Rummy is an exciting rummy variation where players play with equal number of chips for a predetermined number of deals. Each chip carries one point value and at the end of the game, all players are ranked in order of their chip count. The winner of this variant receives the chips equivalent to the total number of points acquired by the losing players.

#3 Points Rummy

Points rummy is one of the most played rummy variations in online rummy games where players compete for points with predetermined value. The winner declares first among all and as a result, receives zero points. His winnings are calculated against the value of sum of all points acquired by the losing players in the game.

What is the best site to play rummy online in India?

Online rummy portals have introduced real money rummy games and tournaments for skilled players to enjoy awesome returns and rewards for their performance. As such, it is a great time to play online rummy games in India and be satisfied that your time spent online was fruitful and worth the returns.

However, a question remains, “What makes an online rummy portal tick”?

Maybe, a set of few questions could offer the right answers. When looking for a portal to play online rummy in India, we suggest you figure out if it answers these pointers positively.

  • Is the website legal and trustworthy?
  • Does the portal offers different rummy variations of the game?
  • Does it have a good mix of games and player centric tournaments with Leaderboard rewards?
  • Does it offer a real money rummy app with fair play?
  • Does it offer fast deposits and withdrawals?
  • Does it offer bank-grade security for online transactions?
  • Does it have a Loyalty Rewards program?
  • Does it provide regular incentives such as bonus offers and promotions to boost your game?

If the answers to these questions are a 100% yes, you are at the right place to explore the best of online rummy in India. To ease the pain, we conducted a search on the same and were fortunate enough to come across a few portals that tick most of these boxes. However, one stood out.

RummyBaazi: Most Rewarding Rummy Website in India

The online portal is called RummyBaazi and it happens to be a recent launch of the leading parent company, Baazi Games. Baazi Games entered the online gaming industry in 2014 through their online poker room, PokerBaazi. They recently ventured into Fantasy Sports with BalleBaazi after receiving positive response from the Indian poker circuit. RummyBaazi is its most recent launch that joined the gaming circle in April 2019 and has been creating ripples in the online rummy realm through its innovative offerings and trustworthy gaming experience.

The online gaming portal ticks all the boxes just right and hosts incredible online rummy tournaments in all rummy variations all seven days of the week. It also features an exclusive Loyalty Rewards program where skilled players can enjoy superb returns for their winnings. You may check out its real money rummy app on the website to explore its offerings any time of the day.

Summing up

13 Card Indian rummy is enjoying a whole new avatar through online rummy portals and players can now play their favorite rummy variations for cash worry free on the go as it enjoys the legal approval of the Supreme Court of India. So, sign up to a trustworthy portal and enjoy playing online rummy pan India starting today.

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