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Running an Instagram account is a piece of cake for those who do not think much of it. But if you want to reach the real success on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not so easy to accomplish. You need to be a visioner of some kind. You should both clearly understand where are you now and what and how you can move forward.

So reading this article, you are a halfway through with the task of reaching real success on Instagram. I will tell you the basic tricks of Instagram promotion, explain how to use automation tools and how to send messages to Instagram DM online to increase the engagement rate of your audience. If you don’t want to miss something, read the article till the end.

By arranging your profile stylishly

The fastest and the most popular method to get your profile stylish is to arrange it within one color scheme. Repeat the same color for each post with the help of filters, the objects of the same color, background. Another alternative is the chess-board shaped gallery. It also looks trendy, and “con gusto.” It does not just look spectacular, it involves the user, urging him/her to view images.

You can experiment with sizes. You can go against the stream and turn the square interface into any other shape, or change the aspect ratio of photos.

A good photo is everything.

  • Say goodbye to blurry or grainy images. Use only high-quality, high-resolution photos;
  • Play with composition, color palette, patterns;
  • Try different angles;
  • Do not post only advertising, create a harmonious profile. Do not forget about your style, make it so that customers will be interested. Only thus, they will learn about what you are offering.

By attracting more followers than anybody else

How do people attract other people? By liking and following, no doubt! And what if you can do that 10 times more efficiently? You need just make the process automatic with the help of Instagram automation tools. They imitate real human behavior and attract only target audience thanks to their advanced algorithms. Moreover, they act strictly within limits set by Instagram, so you won’t be blocked.

By enhancing the rate of your audience engagement

How else to engage your audience if not through communication? And what kind of communication is available on Instagram? Surely, comments and Direct Messages.

You should leave comments for your target audience. Only when they see your keen interest, they will express theirs.

The same is regarding Direct Messages. DMs create a personal touch, bound between you and your follower.

Will you do that manually? Obviously, we say No, cause that’s a too time-consuming activity. We’ll use the familiar to us automation tools to do that for us. We just need to write good, really good unique samples in advance.

By applying the efficient hashtags

Are there tags which bring more followers than others? Sure! These are the most relevant and thematic, niche hashtags. How to define them? Well, that’s easy with hashtag generator. Such a tool generates 2-3 lists of hashtags grouped according to the relevance to the keyword you enter, a URL or a particular photo you upload. Moreover, it shows the popularity (frequency of use) of each hashtag. So you can choose the best one – not the most popular and not so rare.

Using proper tags, you draw an appropriate audience. Using a hashtag generator, you do that twice faster.

By posting on the right time

Of course, it’s your profile, and you may do whatever you wish there, but if you want to get real success, you need to be persistent when it comes to publishing your content. People need this constant reminder. Thus, regular posts is a must.

Besides, the time you post your content on is crucial for the promo strategy. You have to know your TA to its fingertips. The time when your audience is active on IG is the right time. It differs for each sphere. For instance, for business people, it’s a time early in the morning and in the evening, for the retail area, it’s before and after lunch. So, it’s vital to do a little research to get to know what is the best time to post on Instagram.

By watching statistics regularly

The last thing you can’t do without is the regular stats observing. Account statistics will show you the daily number of new followers and unfollows, the number of new comments, likes, and Stories views. If you see that the results of your strategy are not satisfying enough, it’s time to change something. Stats gives you real-time info on the promotional process.

If you use some automation tools, you can watch the statistics within the tool. Usually, they introduced more advanced stats with detailed analysis and recommendations.

To conclude, you are just 6 steps from living out your boldest dreams – getting real fame on Instagram. You just need to start. Success to attend you!

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