How to Make Your Home Look Less Than a Hospital?


Is your house starting to look more like a local clinic than a home? Possibly, this is due to the medical equipment laying around. Pill containers covering tabletops and counters. Medical directions and notes on the refrigerator covering up your child’s drawing and interesting post cards that were placed in the center.

A clinical appearance is one odd result of taking caring for your family, but there are some ways that can help make your house look more like a home.

Paint the Wall in a Dark Color

If moving walkers, furniture, and additional items are causing a scrape and scuff marks on your wall, try to add a stick on border that’s at chair height to divide your room visually. After that, paint the lower portion under the border that hides the marks, while leaving the upper half of the wall bright in color.

When you look more equipment and add them to your home, it can reduce the relaxing feeling a home supposed to bring. That’s why when you add a darker color to the wall it contrasts this feeling and makes the house appear more relaxing.

Hide Your Commode

Nothing makes your house feel more like a clinic than having a portable commode or other pieces of medical equipment at your bedside. Instead, you should try these options: clear out your closet in order to make a makeshift bathroom. Basically, this is a more discreet option that doesn’t make your family members feel as if they’re toileting right in the middle of your room.

Or, place your potty behind a standalone screen that’s in the corner of your room. If you know a seamstress or are one, you can create a “potty cozy” and place a cover over the commode once it’s not in use. Make sure that the fabric you use is easily washable since you’re going to have to wash it often.

Place Window Dressings In Your Room

If your room didn’t have window dressings earlier, now its time to spruce them up. To do this, hang cheap curtains on a shower curtain rod or a spring-loaded suspension rod – this requires no screwdrivers to install! Consider paying more for some light blocking curtains if you are having problems sleeping in the room.

Window dressings help make the house appear less like a hospital and protects it from the sun. So when decorating the appearance of your home, try to add some dressings to help spice up the place.

Tape Instructions Inside Your Medical Cabinet

This is a better place than placing your instructions outside the bathroom. You should do the same for your appointment cards and notes from caregivers and aides. Avoid placing this information at your refrigerator door.


To look for more equipment, you don’t want to add unnecessary clutter in your house. You can prevent this by designing certain areas of your house to have more of that “homely” effect. This will help your house appear less like a clinic and more like a home.

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