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Online text editors are the most important tools nowadays as no one likes to read a text that is full of grammatical mistakes even from their favorite blogger. Stylish text of a website is as important as the error-free text. To make your website text stylish you will need a text editor that is absolutely free and make your text absolutely stunning. It has just become a fashion to give your text an outstanding look and effects. You also must be finding such applications or online websites that would help you do so, quickly. But sometimes you may find it difficult to find all the best text editing tools that would help you in one place.

If you are finding an online and free text editor to make your website text absolutely stylish and impressive then you are the right place. Here you will find the best text editing tools that would definitely help you edit your text and make your text completely stunning and remarkable. Read and learn which tool will work best for you and help you in all aspects.

Here is the list of top 6 online text editors that will make your website content stylish:

Bold text

Bold text is free and an easy to use online text editor for which you just need an internet connection. It is also absolutely free. You just need to paste the text that you want to edit and your text will be edited in seconds. You bold and italic your content or you can also select the writing style according to your choice. It has about hundreds of fonts that you can load and then choose. The best feature of bold text, text editor is that it not only shows the name of the font but also gives you a sample by giving your pasted text an outstanding look. is a plain text editor that is simple to use. It is online and free. You can register on this website and you can use it anytime and anywhere. You can also use it without registration. You just have to paste your text or content and this tool will add stunning effects to your text. If you don’t like the text colour, it gives you an option to change it. And you can add numerous effects such as 3D effect, gold, and metallic effects, etc. it also shows you examples of the chosen font. You can also change the background of your text or you can also use a standard background or a transparent background.

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It is the best text editor tool that is free of cost. It also gives you the option to register and login but the best part is that you can also edit your text without registration. You just need to paste your text that you want to edit and then you can bold, italic, and underline your text. You can also insert the date, time table, or media to your text. You can also add emotions to your text. When your text is edited you can take a clear preview of your text. You want to save the document, No worries they allow you to save it into .docx and pdf too.


Sculpteo is the best online text editor. It is completely free and online for which you just need an internet connection. It also gives you the option to sign up or register to this website but the best part is that you can also use it without registration. It is the best text editing tool that helps you generate 3D text. You just have to enter your text that needs to be edited, you can enter up to 700 characters. After entering you can choose a creation mode according to your choice. You can also choose a font and set the alignment of your text. The text that will be edited will be displayed on the right side. You can also select the background thickness or text thickness. You can also save and download the edited text.

Mega cool

Mega cool is simple and easy to use the text editor. It helps you edit your text in seconds. It is free and online. It also does not require any registration to edit your text. You can choose the font style such as big, cute, funny, cool and many others. You can try each font to see which will work best for you. You can also copy your edited text and paste it anywhere.

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Poem of quotes

The poem of quotes is easy to use an online text editor which is free. It edits your text in seconds. It has numerous fonts that you can check and choose a specific font according to your choice. The best feature of this online text editor is that it makes your edited text compatible with any of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You just have to copy the text and paste it on your social media pages.


We have covered the best online text editors that would help you to make your text stunning and outstanding. These tools are very user friendly and simple. These tools are free and you can use them and access all their services by just having an internet connection. These text editing tools are unique and help you increase your workflow.

After some extensive research, these tools are written. Mobile devices also support these free and online text editors. That means you can just access them on your mobile phones. You don’t need to solve any captcha for these websites. These websites also work without any signup, logins, or registrations.

These best and professional online text editors will definitely give you a great experience. And will help you edit your text in seconds. These tools have helped people around the world and will also help you to make your text errorless and stunning.  Let us know which text editing tool worked best for you.

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