Marketing for Law Firms: Tips and Tricks Every Lawyer Should Know

Tips and Tricks Every Lawyer Should Know

Bringing in new clients ensures the longevity and prosperity of your law firm. However, getting potential clients in the door isn’t always the easiest task. You’ve thoroughly studied the law for many years, but you may be feeling like you should have picked up some extra marketing classes in undergrad. Marketing your firm is extremely important in capturing the attention of the public, although it can also feel confusing and frustrating depending on your amount of experience with it. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, here are a few tips and tricks that every lawyer should know and try.

Search Engine Optimization is your secret weapon.

Ever wonder why a competitor’s website is on the first page of a Google search, and your company’s somehow buried deep within the catacombs? That’s because your competitor is most likely using search engine optimization—or SEO. The whole point of search engine optimization is to increase online traffic to your website, which in turn should bring you more clients. You can accomplish this optimization through many helpful steps. One step is making sure that all of the pages on your website link back to your contact page. You can do this by putting a call to action at the end of every page and inserting the link to your contact information, so they know where to go if they want to act. Another way to increase traffic is by getting rid of anything that makes your page slow to load. Unfortunately, people have very little patience nowadays, and the world of law is especially rapid. As a result, if a page takes a long time to come up, viewers will likely just exit out before they ever reach your content.

If you’re still feeling fuzzy on the details of SEO, consider outsourcing the responsibility to a reliable company that specializes in growing the domains of law firms. Visit to see all of the services that are offered. The list of services includes—but is not limited to—link building, helping you create on-page content, improving your mobile website, and much more. You may not have to ever run another TV ad again, because your website will most likely be featured on the first page of every relevant Google search.

Court your big clients.

Adding a personal touch is always a great idea. What better way for potential clients to get to know you than actually contacting them and courting them a little? A lot can be accomplished face to face, and potentially in a less formal environment. Take your potential client out to dinner. You’ll be able to fully explain everything that your firm could do for their business. Follow up with a basket of treats that has “swag” from your firm. When they use your coffee thermos or notepad, they’ll have to think about you and your meeting. If they don’t bite the first time, follow up in six months. Their position may have changed.

Word of mouth is your very best friend.

There’s no better marketing than positive words coming straight from the horse’s mouth. After working with a client, ask them to leave a review of your work and the overall business somewhere online, like Google reviews. Reputations are built on words alone, so make sure you’re doing the incredible work that will get around town. You may even want to consider offering clients, especially repeat clients, a referral bonus for every new client they can bring to your door. To save a few dollars, you better believe they’ll be talking up your firm to whoever is willing to listen.

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