Michael Giannulis Provides Tricks for Businesses to Become Fully-Remote

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The coronavirus lockdowns have been responsible for accelerating the shift to remote and flexible working in a manner that seemed impossible previously. When COVID-19 lockdowns were imposed by the government, there was a dramatic and overnight shift to work-from-home and switch over to the remote working trend. Today as the onslaught of the global pandemic continues, more and more organizations are becoming 100 percent remote. The work-from-home scenario has shown how work could be performed differently successfully. Entrepreneurs today have realized the fact that it doesn’t matter where a team member is, provided he can communicate and interact with the team without any hassles and get the job done.

The tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook were among the very first few to implement remote work plans. It was to ensure that employees can work seamlessly from the safety of their homes. Here are some expert tricks for organizations to go remote.

Mike Giannulis Offers Some Tips to Go Cent Percent Remote

Focus on Hiring Remote Workers to Infuse the Spirit in Your Existing Team

Create a remote working environment by hiring a few experienced people who have worked remotely before and have reasonable exposure to the concept. It seems like a pretty self-defeating approach if you make a decision for going remote and then hire some new recruits who are local. You may henceforth focus on creating a remote ambiance straightaway by hiring remote workers. Hire a few work-from-home specialists who have reasonable remote working experience.

Remote workers are well aware of their job style, ways to self-start, their rhythms, ways to stay motivated, and ways to stick to the task until the job is done with success. Michael Giannulis believes that remote specialists could act as a source of inspiration for your team.

Implement Salary Model for Rewarding Employees for Completing Tasks & Not Merely for Coming to Office

A remote work ambiance must focus on encouraging performance, not just presence. When you are having a team working from home remotely, you do not any longer need to worry about vacation days, time off, sick days, etc. You are just interested in getting the job done by high-performers. This should ensure a boost in efficiency and productivity.

Avoid Creating a Meeting Culture

Often meetings are not necessary. If you want your business to become cent percent remote, avoid relying on physically-present meetings. However, meetings cannot be undermined and they are important. More often than not, you are just not able to make important decisions without holding a meeting. Remember there is a huge difference between holding meetings and meeting culture. You could use free online services like Skype, Join.me if you wish to hold meetings and communicate fruitfully without coming to the office.

Going Paperless is the Way to Go

Most organizations have gone paperless to a great extent. All your storage must be present in the cloud for ensuring success for your business. All businesses require some documents like articles of incorporation and many other crucial documents. Apart from some exceptions like doctor’s office, libraries, etc., it is a good idea to digitize all paper documents.


Working remotely could prove to be quite challenging but it could be immensely beneficial for your business. You may need to put in a tremendous amount of hard work but you can see impressive outcomes. The intrinsic power of remote work could change everything. Your organization can progress rapidly amidst an ambiance of creativity and commitment.

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