Top 10 Minecraft Mods worth a try in 2021

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Installed Minecraft? If not, then please move to the Minecraft page and get one for you. It is one of the most trending game of all time with more than 50 million users at any time. For those who are already playing, this article is all about the players. The following article is all about various Minecraft mods available for download in PC.

We researched and got the most famous and needed mods without which Minecraft is a bit boring. So, stick to your device and install the mods.

Note: “The following list contains a list of mods which are subject to change or get removed.”

10 Best Minecraft Mods in 2021

1. Optifine

A game of Minecraft is incomplete without Optifine in it. Even if you are a new player or a well-experienced at Minecraft. This mod is amazing for people having high-end PC. The following mood adds alot of amazing features that promote to an amazing gameplay. It usually adds some high-end and realistic visuals with HD textures and great gameplay control with the best in class optimisation. At last, this mood also provides a smoother gameplay with zero lag.

2. Fastcraft

If you are a basic Minecraft user who cannot afford a high-end rig to play it. Don’t worry because we have another great mod that blends well with the mid-range PCs. It is none other than Fastcraft which is great when installed in Minecraft. This mod consumes less power from the GPU while providing a powerful experience. Fastcraft is great for using when many other mods are also installed in the Minecraft application.

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3. Dungeon Pack

Why making same things again and again when you can be more creative with the mods among which lies Dungeon Pack. This mod is useful for players who are thief of using same mods and want to try something new. It is different from the other mods as this one packs in a lot of different packs that contributes to more amazing and creative build. One can also play dungeon crawling game with different chests and goodies.

4. CraftGuide

Many players have been texting and men to known about the vanilla flavour in there Minecraft app. But the original developer of the game didn’t do anything and not a single update was pushed to the users. To get rid of it, CraftGuide team developed the vanilla flavour to the game which includes all the crafting recipes which can be added directly to the game. Due to this, now a person can add them into the game without even a need to pause the game in real time. One can craft anything using the mod.

5. Botania

Add the name suggests, this mod adds beautiful flowers to the game just like many others adds dungeons. The mod will add a large and vast variety of flowers to the game. All the files have different functions and colours. When combined with other kids, one can also feed the plants and grass to the animals. Many flowers also mob each other in the game. Botania mod offers every aspect to the game whether it be visual or statistical. The mod is so lightweight that no Frame drops or overheating of system is noticed. Overall, it is a great mod to add in the game.

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6. Decocraft

All the players know that Minecraft is all about creating own’s world with creativity and enthusiasm. When someone starts decorating, the basic need is the objects that will contribute to a great build. This mod is all about creating items including lamps, tables, chairs, kitchen sinks, toys, plushies etc. An amazing World can be created using the same.

7. Animal bikes

After creating the best and largest build amongst friend, the main problem arises which is traveling in the build. Well, with the animal bikes mod, one can travel with ease without wasting time walking in it. This mod packs in various amazing animals including dragons, elephants etc.

8. Still Hungry

No animal or even the avatars survive without food. To stay alive in the Minecraft build, food is to be there. However, the food which is provided in the game pre-installed is very basic and old. So, this mod is all about great and new food items to try. One can eat pizza, burgers and many more. It is a great food mod.


This mod is great when installed with many other mods as this has great features that when combined with others it provides an amazing build. WAILA basically stands for what am I looking at. To use this mod, just hover over to any building, food item, animals etc and this mod will give player a clear information about the object.

10. Twilight forest

This great mod is for the players who wants to add some greenery. Twillight Forest adds a lot of amazing and mysterious type of trees which adds up to create an amazing forest.

So, this was our list of top 10 Minecraft mods for PC.

Still, have any queries? Comment down below.

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