The Grand Comparison: Mixer Vs Twitch

mixer vs twitch

Do you know what, the mixer has averaged 2.7 million channels, and Twitch has 4.4 million in size? Got amazed by these figures? Well, do not be, as there are many more to these amazing platforms that they can offer to you. Let us tell you that, Mixer is a new platform, still, it has raised many eyebrows. It has more than 61 percent of streamers which are not bad at all.

If we consider the views of the users, well they are inclined towards Twitch, and the fact that it has more viewers proves its efficiency and power. Now, you must be eager to know more about these two platforms, well so do we to discuss with you folks. So stay tuned and in this article, we are going to unveil the details about which platforms offer what. Let’s Dive in

First of all, let’s know what a Mixer is:

The Mixer was a famous video live gaming web-based platform with a huge number of users. It was launched on January 5, 2016. The streaming platform was before long procured by Microsoft in 2016 and afterward renamed Mixer. As it was incorporated into Microsoft’s Xbox division, it attained amazing recognition, joining with the top streamers like Ninja and shroud for service. 

In any case, sadly, Microsoft expressed that it failed to scale its activity and reported the closure of Mixer on June 22, 2020. The primary element of the streaming service was the utilization of a low latency protocol known as FTL (Faster than Light) and helped users receive the broadcast with fewer delays.

Here comes the Twitch:

Well, Twitch is the major rival or competitor for Mixer. Twitch was launched in 2011 as a spin-off of It mainly focuses on music broadcasts, e-sports, video game live streaming, and much more creative content started recently.

Now you must be thinking, which one is best for you? Let’s find out:

If the viewers and experts are to be believed, it is not just a simple yes or no answer like which platform is better for users. Well, every streamer has different requirements and preferences for particular features, here we don’t want to force our opinion on users, instead, we are stating facts so that you can choose what suits you as a streamer. There are few streamers for whom Mixer might be better, on the other hand, some prefer Twitch for its great features.

Hence to know what is better, let’s consider different features as the major key factors like ease of use, potential audience, and competition. So you can choose based on the features provided by both platforms.

Now, we will discuss the Pros And Cons Of Mixer And Twitch, so that you can get a better idea of the good and bad aspects of Mixer and Twitch

Here are Mixer Pros

Mixer always comes with great and better interactive features.

Through Mixer, you get the opportunity to get connected with a friendlier community.

By using Mixer, there is a great chance for you to get a huge following.

It has PC and Xbox streaming integration

Mixer Cons:

It is not easy to stream, in case you have a PS4.

It unfortunately, has a small audience and less versability

Here are the Twitch Pros:

Twitch has a large viewer base.

It is very easier to navigate with this.

It offers you a very easy recording of VODs.

Twitch is available both on PlayStation and Xbox. Isn’t it amazing?

It offers you amazing profit potential.

Twitch Cons:

It is important to reach the affiliate requirements, before making a profit.

Unfortunately, the community is unfair and toxic.

If has a slow streaming technology

It is not easy to get noticed, as there are already a large number of streamers.

Here is the In-Depth Comparison Between Mixer Vs Twitch:

1. Infrastructure:

Mixer live streaming is more quicker than Twitch through its incredible FTL technology with regards to infrastructure. In a Mixer, the streaming time is less than a second, while on Twitch, it can in some cases delay as long as 20 seconds.

You can take continuous watcher shafts being a Mixer streamer. The upside or benefit of Twitch is that you can without much of a stretch navigate, explore and record. Not just that, the dashboard system on the system is amazing and gives fantastic analytics.

2. Competition:

Twitch has a colossal viewer base contrasted with Mixer for new platforms with an enormous share of streamers. Albeit this resembles a benefit, it can just show a couple of streamers all at once. This makes it very difficult to get noticed with Mixer.

Turning into a mainstreamer or partner in the Twitch program requires years and more exertion on account of a lot of competition. Be that as it may, in Mixer, the competition is less; there is a good possibility you will get a huge following on the stage.

3. Community:

With regards to the community in general, Mixer has a more amiable community contrasted with Twitch’s harmful one. Your character will either gain you a good following or repulse the viewers who need to visit.

For sporadic decisions and toxicity, the moderation team of Twitch has gone under the radar. Mixer, then again, has a superior community because of its moderation team. In Twitch, streamers appear to have no repercussions on the off chance that they disrupt the norms.

4. Versatility:

Mixer live stream platforms appear to be just compelled towards gaming, yet there are different classes; no viewers are keen on watching them; Twitch, then again, is a platform for your creative works.

5. Interactivity:

The critical difference we saw when looking at the two platforms is that Mixer is more intuitive or interactive than Twitch. interactive features in Mixer are bounty, while Twitch is simply concerned about watching the stream. With regards to choices, Mixer has plenty of choices; Twitch feels more sweeping means costly. Subsequently relying upon the user’s point of view, you choose to like between both.

6. Similarities in both platforms:

Both streaming stages give comparative content and gaming is one of the basic subjects you see on them. The home pages are similar, with suggested streams showing up under the heading.

Generally speaking, creators have favored Mixer because pulling in initial viewers is more comfortable, and you should realize that, however, we can not say something very similar for Twitch. A more modest or smaller audience means fewer donations and fewer subscribers. This can be a warning on the off chance that you are hoping to build brand awareness.

In any case, that you figure out how to get into the top level of Twitch, the rewards are out of this world. You can get a gigantic audience in days, and the audience is real monetization and fame. On the off chance that you are all set to do hard work, it could pay off later on. 


Well, that is all from our side about the Mixer Vs Twitch- which is better. However, we honestly feel like it always depends on what you are looking for. So it is basically what you like better? In case you are navigating many options and features, we would honestly suggest Twitch for you, however, if you want to get famous quickly, Mixer is an ideal choice for you, we would recommend that only, as it has a very simplistic style compared to Twitch, and for this sols reason, many users prefer to use the latter. However, if you are still confused you can try them both to get a better idea about both the platforms and which you enjoy the most. Folks, in case you have found this article useful, please do let us know in the comment section below. We are happy to take your suggestions and feedback to make our content more and more user-friendly. That is it, enjoy!

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