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The mobile development market in the US is developing rapidly. This is evidenced by statistics and studies of many foreign and domestic companies. The moment has come when most of the programmers who created websites began to master a completely new direction and adapt to market trends. The dynamics of demand, both for mobile devices and the development of business applications, forces many web studios to retrain into agencies for creating applications for mobile devices and mobile versions of sites. Mobile advertising is absorbing web sites, and many online advertising holdings are diversifying their portfolios by opening new departments.

Mobile application development consists of several interrelated aspects. A preliminary analysis of the market and the prospect of the profitability of the future application is perhaps the main key to the fact that the new product will not be lost in the App Store and Google Play, where more than 500 new applications are published daily. Building a high-quality mobile app doesn’t mean anything yet. We need an interesting concept, an idea that can attract attention and take its rightful place in the mobile technology market.

You can draw a line between web and mobile development. As in creating a website, projects that have competitive advantages, as well as a kind of innovative functionality, are gaining popularity. And this has its own peculiarities. To a good web developer who is well versed in C / C ++ and has a thorough knowledge of Javascript.

Every day in our work we have to deal with all sorts of new products that require making difficult and far-sighted decisions. We will try to share with novice mobile developers what awaits them on the way to mastering a new and exciting direction.

What Does The Statistics Say?

The statistics makes the market sharks happy and makes them look for new business development opportunities. Demand is growing, despite some concerns from companies. If we talk about the dynamics of the sale of mobile devices, it is growing every year and the statistics are steadily gaining positive momentum.

At the same time, the activity of mobile users exceeds the activity of TV fans and users of desktop devices. According to the GFK, in terms of popularity of mobile phones brands in 2020, Samsung corporation ranks 1st, & Apple occupies 2nd place. Based on the numbers, it can be assumed that the Android OS is the leader in the US in terms of the popularity of the operating system. That is why the developers pay special attention to the creation for Android and iOS for the Apple iPhone. Now it’s 2020, and in 2021 the figures for the growth of mobile traffic and Internet access from mobile devices, according to many experts, will increase.

Google Play and App Store

The growth in popularity and activity of the world’s two leading app stores is showing strong growth. In terms of the number of downloads, Google Play ranks first with 62%. There is more traffic and users here. But in terms of traffic monetization, the App Store, with its 19% in the lead. And you can’t argue with that. It should be noted that the activity of stores such as Windows Market, Samsung Bada, Ovi Store and MarketPlace, albeit insignificant.

What Types Of Mobile Applications Are There?

With statistics, everything is more or less clear. In the USA, the direction will develop rapidly. Let’s get acquainted with the types of applications, which are divided according to certain criteria. Very often, when developing an application, programmers and customers form a whole list of clauses in the Agreement and the terms of reference. The type of device and types of OS, as well as the devices with which the mobile application will interact, is no less important condition than prototyping or functional development.

Web Applications And Mobile Versions Of Sites

Web applications and mobile versions of sites occupy the leading place in terms of the popularity of developments. On our website, sometimes shows up to 15% of visits from mobile devices. Android – 1st place, iOS – 2nd place. Fortunately, modern devices with their browsers are able to render the site. However, adaptation for mobile devices is required. It is necessary to create a separate version that will be validly displayed on smartphones and mobile devices. This is not difficult, since everyone knows HTML5 and it allows you to display pages well and study information at a good level. Despite a number of advantages, this type of monetization is less significant for entrepreneurs. It is unlikely that you will be able to make a lot of such applications.

Native Mobile Apps

It should be noted that this type takes up the most space and is the most resource-intensive. At the same time, it allows you to create even the most complex solutions for specific types of operating systems, which makes this type of application indispensable for the financial and banking sectors. It is these mobile applications that are used by banks to enter the user’s personal account and conduct transactions. There are many structures working here and the security system rightfully takes the first place.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

In the commercial sector, this type of application has a special place. Rich functionality of advertising elements, interaction with the API of all operating systems, independent updates, quick publication in the App Store and Google Play. Server-hosted pages are a platform page that can be quickly modified as needed. In other words, you can make changes online and the data will quickly be recorded in the stores without the need to publish a new version.

How To Start Developing A Mobile Application

1. Business model analysis and competitor research

Its further growth and prospects depend on the success and feasibility of an idea. If you decide to develop a mobile toy, in our opinion, this is not the best choice, since the competition in the gaming category is basic. As for the analysis of competitors, there are excellent services that allow you to determine the most active market players according to the relevant criteria. We use Appintop, a CPIera Spy module that allows us to get very interesting statistics when registering and providing an account.

It is necessary to investigate:

  • The most competitive niche in which there is a daily struggle for the TOP in the market.
  • Research the target audience and its ability to pay.
  • Understand what features your product has and what new you can give users.

2. Terms of reference

When creating an application for a customer, it is very important to think over all the nuances at the very beginning. Work and remuneration happen in stages. For example, we made prototypes, agreed with the client, and moved on. We drew the design, rendered it in Photoshop, approved it, and moved on. This will save you from a bunch of problems and eliminate the likelihood of returning to previous stages.

3. Design and design of a mobile application

This includes:

  • Prototyping (the most important part that allows you to structure the actions of users and the result of these actions to the smallest detail, here you need to create layouts).
  • Drawing design, creating layouts and structural graphics (it is imperative to use the guidelines. These are documents issued by companies so that developers understand the format of applications and their interaction with different mobile devices).

4. Development

Development is the most difficult process. Now everything needs to be implemented as a mobile application and set up compatibility with mobile devices. The architecture and user interface work is just beginning. In fact, the stages of work on creating an application can be compared to the development of a website. The structure is almost identical.

5. Testing

In the development team, the tester has a special place. Its task is to ensure that the application works correctly and is compatible with mobile devices and their operating systems.

Key points of testing:

  • Drawing up a test plan.
  • Distribution of tasks to beta testers using special services.
  • Collection of usage statistics.
  • Identification of crashes and bugs, their elimination.
  • Load testing.

6. Publication in the App Store and Google Play

After that, the publication in the markets begins. Please be aware that prohibited topics will not be accepted. The waiting period in the App Store for confirmation of moderation can be up to 14 days. You need to be ready for this when you agree on the terms of work with the customer. The cost is paid. You can test the application for damage and errors in the markets, but professional developers do it on third-party services before the public sees their new product. By the way, markets have the right to refuse publication if they are already eating a similar application. Here we return to the first point of our work “Market Analysis”. Study your competitors and their advantages carefully. Eat their products for a while.

7. Analytics

Collecting analytics is the most important point. We use Google Analytics and Analytics for Mobile Apps . It is a great service for analyzing user behavior. Regarding the statistics of downloading applications and the sources from which users go, the equally popular foreign service Distimo.Com , which has a powerful App Store Analytics , is suitable…. When a new application is released, user activity begins. Often, there are much more people who regret leaving negative reviews than those who are able to thank for the development. Reviews should be treated as commonplace, although they do not fully assess your work. At the same time, it is user feedback that allows you to analyze errors and fix bugs. We use feedback to get feedback. A special feedback form with the developer, where you can contact the author of the project and describe the problem.


We hope that we have answered your question on how to create an application for mobile devices yourself. With regard to programming languages ​​and the beginning of the development process itself, there will be a place for this information in our next article.

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