Mobile Is the Future of Gambling

Mobile Is the Future of Gambling

As technology continues to evolve and innovate, the gambling sector continues to thrive. The first online bookmaker came around in 1996 as the internet began to take a hold of society. Since then, it’s been one technological advancement after another that has boosted the value of online bookmaking into the billions of dollars. But, now it’s the availability of hand-held devices, from smartphones to tablets, that has fueled the exponential growth of this industry.

Recent figures show that the mobile gambling industry is estimated to be worth just shy of $80 billion in 2020 and as every person on the planet gets their hands on smartphones, the ease-of-access to gambling markets continues to broaden. These days, as much as 80% of all gambling is done via mobile devices. This is in part due to the technology that smartphones are equipped with, but also in part due to providers increasing the technology available to users. Apps are becoming smarter, with higher quality user interfaces and gambling companies are becoming increasingly aware of how to leverage business through technology.

How has Mobile Betting Grown so much?

The steady rise in mobile device usage within the gambling sector is partly due to the advancement of technology, but also the fact we’re seeing better markets and more appealing odds. Major providers offering odds, from the likes of strive to keep things fresh and are always offering innovative new betting markets to keep users interested.

Another reason is due to the ease of setting up a mobile betting company, compared to what it once was when users were betting through websites on desktops. With so many different providers to compete with, companies are increasingly aware of what is required to attract new players and this boosts the quality of their offerings. All betting companies are vying for new customers, as well as retaining the ones they already have using their apps. Customer loyalty is paramount for operators and providing new benefits that appeal to customers is something that ensures players keep coming back.

How has Mobile Betting Grown so much?

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The accessibility of gambling via smartphone is certainly appealing, but the ease at which users can make bets is also a huge driving force for mobile gambling. The prominence of mobile betting is driven by these small differences between traditional online gambling through a website and the click-of-a-button type of gambling we see on mobile. The apps used by gambling operators cost millions to develop and are so well-tuned that they almost never have any issues.

There are no great differences in offerings between mobile and desktop users; both will offer promotions, the same betting markets and the same payment options. This helps bettors to seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile, further increasing the number of bettors making the switch to mobile gambling. The convenience of mobile gambling is a huge draw to bettors, offering bettors the opportunity to wager on their favorite sports markets from wherever they are.

Ultimately, this is the most influential reason for the increase in mobile sports betting figures. We see this in all aspects of society, not just gambling, people are happy to part with some extra cash just for the convenience of things. We see it with food, travel, information, it’s rife in modern society. Being able to access your favorite sportsbook whilst watching the game was a revelation and continues to draw in customers. Apps are becoming more optimised to major mobile phone providers such as Apple, Windows and Samsung, making the quality of the service even better. These speedy apps offer a better quality service than anything available through betting websites. Furthermore, punters are concerned about betting online due to security reasons, whereas with apps there is a level of trust between customers and operators.

Modern smartphones and other handheld devices now have things like FaceID and touchID, which customers trust much more than manually entering their card details online – understandably so. Mobile betting is safer, quicker, easier and far more convenient than traditional gambling methods – which begs the question, Is this the future of gambling and the decline of land-based gambling facilities?

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