Modern Tech Shaping the Gaming Industry

Modern Tech Shaping the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world as a changing audience and demographic have become more attracted to gaming through newer and more accessible platforms – PC gaming heads up the online streaming community particularly within esports, modern dedicated consoles from the Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch provide plenty of entertainment for the casual player, and mobile gaming is aimed at absolutely everybody as with little additional cost and similarities between devices ease what can and can’t be done for many. But with different platforms being so prevalent, which tech is shaping the gaming industry and keeping things moving forward?

Big pushes for graphics ­– With the newest console releases and announcements for the PC market, next generation graphics are some very interesting tech – newer hardware provides things like ray tracing, a rendering method for using the path of light as pixels to provide better lighting and better fidelity. Photorealistic games and a new blend between what are actual gameplay and what is a pre-rendered cutscene are slowly closing into one, and gaming across all platforms will benefit from pushes in this tech space.

Big push forward for connection – Modern internet and fibre provides a very different experience to the days of dial-up and modem, some of the fastest home connections are approaching the 1Gb/s speed and changing the multiplayer experience for good – the next big change in networking comes to mobile for 5G, offering speeds one-hundred times faster and a wider band for connectivity to boot – this could be a big change for those in different areas that may not be able to access good cable or fibre connections, and combined with options like the StarLink offered by SpaceX bringing faster satellite connection, connectivity will be a big key feature moving forward.

Virtual and augmented reality could become key players – Back in 2016, millions were witness to the summer of Pokémon GO and the introduction of augmented reality to gaming – and certain sectors are certainly starting to push this space forward in particular. Of the biggest, mobile casinos and gambling sites like those found at have quickly become a favourite amongst a growing demographic and audience and are also amongst the fastest changing genre in gaming willing to adopt VR as it is becoming more accessible. There are still some constraints, namely in price and hardware capability, but these are both quickly changing and becoming much more accessible.

With more eyes on gaming than ever before, more investment and opportunity will become widely available, and the biggest platforms will see huge benefits for the push forward – as with such a huge audience and demographic finding their way to these platforms, interest will only continue to grow with no signs of slowing down – with big releases having just come around, it may be a little time before other big hardware is introduced particularly for the dedicated systems, but may provide an opportunity for other platforms like mobile to have it’s own time of change too.

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