More Than A Holiday Romance: Tips For Cohabiting In A Cross-Cultural Relationship

More Than A Holiday Romance

The world of dating can be an absolute nightmare as it is without throwing in a language barrier and cultural differences. However, that’s not to say that two people in a cross-cultural relationship cannot have a happy and healthy relationship. In fact, in many cases, two people coming from entirely different worlds can have some of the most rewarding romantic experiences.

More Than A Holiday Romance

In this article, we’re going to share some helpful tips for cohabiting in a cross-cultural relationship. If you’re living in Thailand and want to find love with a Thai partner, then this is the article for you.

Take care of yourself

This is true for any relationship and the key to finding a genuine, happy, and healthy relationship: look after yourself. If you truly want a healthy relationship, start by improving yourself and you will attract a worthy partner.

Leave the bias and stereotypes at the door

Nobody likes being judged and tarnished with the same brush as everybody else. As such, when entering a new relationship with a Thai woman, leave the bias at the door and keep an open mind.

Be honest about what you want out of a relationship

Are you looking for a serious relationship and to settle down? Or are you looking for a fling and someone to warm your bed? Be honest with the other person so you can both manage your expectations.

Educate yourself and be respectful

In a cross-cultural relationship (particularly Western / Thai), 99% of the time the Thai partner will be doing all the hard work, learning a new language, and facilitating your cultural comforts. Don’t let it all be one-sided. Educate yourself, be respectful of their language and culture, and surprise them by making an effort.


Communication is key in any relationship, but even more so in a cross-cultural relationship with a language barrier. Speak to one another clearly and ensure that you fully understand both perspectives. 90% of the arguments in a cross-cultural relationship boil down to a miscommunication. So much conflict can be avoided by taking a moment to circle back and talk things through amicably.

Look for red flags and be realistic

Be honest with yourself and what type of person you might attract. If the first question that a woman asks you on a date is how much money you earn then you should run a mile. Those who are genuinely interested in you as a person and potential romantic partner would not be so concerned with such materialistic things. That, and it’s a very rude and personal question to ask someone so early on in a relationship.

Limit your expectations and slow down

What’s the hurry? You must not rush into a relationship with the first person who shows interest in you. Take your time to build a healthy relationship with clear expectations and boundaries. There’s no good looking for single storey houses for sale in Thailand after a week of being intimate with another person. Leave room from growth.

Final thoughts

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned:

  • Take care of yourself (and attract the right people)
  • Leave bias and stereotypes at the door
  • Be honest about what you want from a relationship
  • Educate yourself and be respectful
  • Communicate thoroughly
  • Look for red flags and be realistic
  • Limit your expectations and slow down

Finding love in Thailand and building a healthy, loving relationship is easy, provided you approach it with an open mind – and the appropriate amount of caution.

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