Most Downloaded Android Games In Play Store


Mobile game downloads are increasing every single year as more and more games are added to the Google Play Store. There are many games to plays and many good games are available in the Google Play Store. Moreover, it’s too agitating to find a game boring after spending your data to download it. Depending on your interests, when it comes to sports betting, Rizk offers a nice alternative to conventional bookmakers with more than 18 games to choose from check Rizk bonus to get started. If someone asks you which are the top 5 most downloaded Android games then most probably you don’t know it. Here in this article, we had listed the top 5 most downloaded android games till the date.

Candy Crush Saga

(Downloaded: Over 50 Million)

With over 29 million ratings and more a Billion downloads, this classic game is popular among all age groups. The game strategies are quite easy to understand and perceivable. Even most of the kids love playing this game. Different levels are there. As soon as you cross the basic levels, you’ll be sent to the next level, which is comparatively difficult. The best thing is, you can play Candy Crush Saga offline also though there are some limitations like you won’t get free spins while playing offline.

Subway Surfers

(Downloaded: Over 100 Million)

This jumping and dodging game comes with a cool environmental interface. While playing, you can feel yourself rushing to reach the destination while leaving all the obstacles behind. As long as you don’t touch the obstacles or don’t take a wrong turn, you will keep crossing all those fascinating levels. Sometimes maybe a stress-free achievement type game is what your inner gamer craves for.

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Temple Run

(Downloaded: Over 50 Million)

Temple run is one of the most downloaded android games on play store which is even equally popular for players of any age. In a dangerous and risky way, you have to run and survive from the temple monster monkey as you have stolen the cursed idol of it. Coins will be there on your road, and you can collect them to more points.

Clash of Clans

(Downloaded: Over 50 Million)

You’ve probably heard a lot about this game. The gameplay asks you to build your own village along with your own builder base. Then you need to make your troops ready to attack any random opponent’s village which you can find by the search option there within the game-interface. You can do the same for both of your town base and builder base. If you have friends who play COC, try joining their clan for an enhanced war experience. You can also join any random clan or be the clan leader while creating your own clan and adding members. The sole purpose of building a clan is to participate in clan war which rewards you with a lot of stuff on winning the war.

Fruit Ninja

(Downloaded: Over 50 Million)

This is the last game on the list. Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios. In the game, you’re a Ninja and you have to slice the fruit – just don’t drop the fruit and don’t hit the bombs. If you love the small fun-loving game then give a try to this game.

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