MS project Alternatives

MS project Alternatives

With the increased complexity of projects and the global expansion of the workforce, online project management tools are not expensive. There is no shortage of alternatives with varying degrees of usefulness. Microsoft has already thrown a significant chunk of it into the ring through its program. Although MS Project has become the industry standard for project management, it also comes with people finding the best MS project alternatives.

MS project Alternatives

#1 Toggl plan

Simple project management software “Toggl Plan.”Toggl Plan is a detailed project planning and execution MS project alternative tool. It was created for remote teams who prefer results-oriented management, transparency, and autonomy over micromanagement.

Key Features:

  • Team plan timeline to visually control team workloads
  • Comprehensive task management with customizable workflows and repetitive tasks
  • Assign multiple team members to one job
  • Business collaboration and information managing additions and remarks
  • Email notification report
  • On the downside, Toggl Plan doesn’t have portfolio management capabilities.

#2 Asana

Asana project is management software. Asana is a complete online project management means. And most suitable for large teams and complex projects. It has multiple views for managing projects.

Key Features:

  • Timeline and calendar view for project planning
  • Task management with custom task workflows and subtasks
  • Task collaboration and communication
  • Team workload management
  • Portfolio management

However, most of the above features are available on paid plans. Also, the free program is limited to calendars, boards, and a limited number of tasks.

#3 Smartsheet

Smartsheet is online project management software that has spreadsheet-like functionality but also has collaboration capabilities to connect teams. Due to the focus on collaboration, schedule and task management features are modest, but not without this tool. It’s as powerful as MS Project, yet highly customizable and automated.

However, there are limits to managing projects, and users have to pay extra to get tools such as time tracking, budget management, and resource management. In addition, there is no update in real-time, and it takes some time to save automatically, so if you lose the data before committing, you will be dissatisfied. If you need to connect teams strictly, it’s an excellent alternative to MS Project.

Key Features:

Smartsheet excels at providing dynamic work management for enterprises. Enterprise-focused Smartsheet makes substantial investments in security, integration, and scalability for many use cases.

Smartsheet is a very flexible and easy-to-use tool that has helped our company visualize workloads, collaborate, and improve processes. Smartsheet has revolutionized the way they work.

#4 Wrike

Wrike is a comprehensive project management tool. It has planning, task management, and reporting functions. Developed primarily for creative and marketing teams, Wrike also has calibration and approval capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Project planning with Gantt chart and calendar
  • Task management with boards, custom fields, and subtasks
  • Proofs, tasks, project approvals
  • Report creation by time tracking
  • User access control

#5 Clickup

Clickup is a complete work management tool. It has project planning, task management, resource management, and time tracking functions. It also begins with a private chat tool that teams can cooperate on projects, unlike the other devices on this list.

Key Features:

  • Task management with lists, boards, and calendars
  • Work plan by timeline chart
  • Reports, custom dashboards, time tracking
  • Enterprise-level security and HIPAA support.

Note that all of the high traits are only possible on paid plans.

Bottom Line

There are many MS Project alternatives out there, and for a good reason. Microsoft offers project management software that is inconvenient, expensive, and difficult to use. It may be the default for many organizations, but it shouldn’t be personalized. Get tools that are easier to use, cheaper, and drive lively collaboration.

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