Must-Ask Questions to Your Internet Service Provider

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Deciding which internet service provider you should go for can be unnerving for some. Multiple questions keep running in your head regarding various factors. On the other hand, some people simply choose to get the subscription without inquiring anything from their providers. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is to ask some really essential questions to your internet company.

Customer service is essentially from where you can infer whether you should go for this particular ISP or not. A good service provider answers all your queries and pressing issues even before you start to come up with one.

For instance, Cox internet customer service offers tech support that is open all day and night. In addition to this, Cox knows that some people prefer online coverage, while some are inclined towards in-person support and this is why you get to enjoy both under one plan. Providers like Cox know how important it is to keep the clients in the loop.

Still, customers are always encouraged to ask questions to their providers. For that, you don’t have to rack your brains because we have taken the matter into our own hands by putting together some of the questions you must ask your internet service provider.

  • Data Limits

Some internet service providers place restrictions on data usage. The data limits can be of two types – soft and hard data limits. Basically, soft data limits mean that after you reach a certain data amount you can however continue but with a slower speed.

On the other hand, a hard data limit means that if you use a certain amount of data either you will be charged for the excessive use or the provider will completely cut you off.

Now, let’s suppose, your provider has placed a hard data limit on the usage. If you are watching your favorite series on Netflix and reach the limit already assigned to you, chances are that either you will be stuck on the cliffhanger or you will be charged for all the content that you continue to watch after reaching the said limit.

This is why it is highly essential for you to ask about any data limits prior to getting the subscription. This point leads us to our next query.

  • Internet Throttle

Internet throttling is when your service provider slows down the internet speed when you begin to pass your data limit. Most internet providers may let you think that there are no data limits. However, it is imperative to read the policy before signing up for the subscription or simply inquire about the data limit from your provider so you can avoid internet speed throttling.

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Internet throttling, in most cases, can be considered legal in the US. Nonetheless, ISPs are obligated to inform their customers if and when they throttle their connection.

  • Response Time

Asking about response time should be one of your top priorities. Customers usually don’t realize that a lesser response time can massively save them from a ton of work.

Consider a situation where you have to submit your work online and just before that your internet starts acting up or you experience network downtime at possibly the most inconvenient moment. At that moment, you want the representatives to immediately fix the issue but they are taking longer than you expected to even respond to your calls. This could be a huge bummer, especially when your grades depend on that.

Weekend response time is also something worth mentioning. Some ISPs don’t offer their decent services over the weekend and make you wait till Monday. That being said, showing up on Monday when you needed the router to be fixed immediately on Friday definitely does not help in any way.

This is why don’t miss the opportunity to pose this question and ask if the providers are capable of responding to you immediately or what is the maximum time you should expect from them.

  • Minimal Downtime

We have all been there, you are working on your paper for hours on end with looming deadlines, and BOOM the internet goes down and you can no longer access any data.

A good ISP will make sure that you don’t have to experience any downtime. However, various factors can cause internet outages. Such factors are, network congestion, failing routers, disruption of wiring due to natural causes can also contribute to network downtime. So, you should always pose the question of expected minimal downtime and the frequency of said outage.

This leads to another interesting and one of the prime queries; temporary replacement of equipment until the new one arrives. Don’t forget to ask the provider if they will loan you temporary equipment for a temporary basis while the new one is taking its time in getting to you. Failed routers can take some time to get fixed or for the new one to arrive and this should not create any problems or delays for you.

Therefore, don’t forget to shoot the question if the company will loan you temporary equipment in the meantime.

  • Contracts
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Before making the final decision, you must ask about the contract or if any, what could be the contract length. It can be incredibly helpful to find out if there could be any incentives involved in signing the contract for a longer period. In addition to this, the customers should definitely find out if they will be offered a lower monthly rate upon signing the contract.

Another thing you should keep in mind is asking if you can cancel your subscription before the given time and what does the process of early cancellation look like.

  • Deals, Discounts, and Offers

It never hurts to ask about any deal or discounts that your ISP offer. In fact, you should definitely avail any such opportunity that could make the subscription a whole lot more cost-effective for you. Many ISPs offer discounts for people who earn a certain amount of income every month.

In addition to this, if you are a student then you don’t have to worry about the fees of your internet subscriptions or bundles. All you have to do is find out if your internet provider offers any student discounts that you can apply for.

During the holiday season, some internet companies provide offers that are exclusive but quite impressive as well. Before subscribing to the service you can probe the question of exclusive offers as well.

  • Equipment Installation and its Fees

Installation fees might come into play and this is why asking about it can save you quite a sum. Top ISPs of the country install the equipment for free, while some only charge a small amount. Asking about this gives you an idea of whether you should go with the current ISP or go for the one that offers free installation along with other benefits.

Additionally, if self-installation of equipment is not something you want to entertain, then getting it installed by a technician should be available as an option for you. Again, a technician’s help may come with some charges so you should always find out about it beforehand.

Wrapping Up

Asking the right questions to your internet service provider can save you from a ton of work and money in the long run. The above-mentioned questions are the ones you must ask while opting for a subscription from any internet company. These questions also help scout out a potential provider before you purchase their services.

At the end of the day, the provider who is willing to go the extra mile in providing you with the best customer service should be the ultimate winner.

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