NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Starting Tips To Help You Master In MyTeam, MyCareer, MyPlayer Mode

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen brings many new features and changes to the gameplay. We will show you how to successfully apply the new mechanisms.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Starting Tips

This year, NBA 2K is asking veterans of the series to adapt their playing methods to the new shooting system (Shot Meter). In addition, the developers have built in further tweaks that are very different from the previous ones. So the simulation is closer to the real sport, but it needs a few changes on your part. Unfortunately, the game does not provide the clearest instructions on how to execute the new mechanisms at the right time. To save you some time and NBA 2K21 MT in the trial-error process, has listed below the most important tips to master NBA 2K21 and Next Gen version.

1. Learn the new throwing system

This year you’ll have to work harder to sink the ball in the basket. Instead of the green bar when you throw, you have to use the stick at the right moment. Release the key. Depending on where you want to throw from in the field, the timing of the throw changes. That’s why you should explore all positions and get a sense of when you’re patching like a stick or letting go of the throw key. Remember, no throw here is like the other.

2. Disables the shot meter display

If you want to customize the UI to your predecessor and gain more control over your players, turn off the shot meter. This allows you to concentrate more on the player’s movements and thus at the highest point of his jump the Pro Stick respectively. release the throw key to have the best possible chance at a basket.

3. Learn the hot zones of the players

The developers have made the hot zones of the players stronger in order to compensate for the new, more challenging throwing system. Your players will now receive a bigger boost if they attack from one of their favorite positions. Practice with your favorite players and get to know their hot zones to increase the hit rate – already works in practice mode.

4. Badges are essential

Good knowledge of Badges and its modes of operation was already of great importance in NBA 2K20. Nothing has changed except that there are many new ones. Find out which badges fit your stars’playing style and level them in MyPlayer. For every throw as well as every tactical move in MyCareer and The Neighborhood you collect points for leveling. In the end, this will make a decisive difference.

5. Clean throw promises greater success

In NBA 2K21 it is difficult to hit or fit from a covered position. If you want to avoid the supposed ball loss, you should be careful as best you can use the free spaces and hang defenders. Using L1/LB, your colleagues shield you from your opponents, so that you can throw your throw. Structure attack as best possible.

6. Never forget a solid defense

Now you must make sure that the opponents have no free space to attack. Once you’ve identified the most dangerous offensive players, stay with them and deny them the hot zones. Keeps the circle/B key pressed to get position and prevents the opponent from performing a layup or dunk.

When you start your NBA 2K21 game, whether it is on the old console or the Next Gen version, we are sure that the above skills will help you win. If you want to get more strategies about this game, please check more NBA 2K21 News & Guides here.

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