Newbie Guide: What to Consider When Building a Gaming PC


When you try to build your PC, it’s sometimes confusing and frustrating, especially if you don’t have any clue of what you are doing. You might ask your self, how do you start? How much money would it cost me? What are those particular PC parts?

Of course, you will have a lot of questions, but if you know how to start, then it’s the first step. You also have to know what’s the purpose of building your PC. You need to set a goal so that you can understand what necessary things that you need to buy and what to purchase.

Well, it’s common that gamers want to experience the best gaming feeling with all the high-settings and maximum performance from a PC, but it will always depend on the parts and how your PC is built.

You need to get updated with the parts, brands, and study the different parts of the PC. When you have all the ideas, you’ll be to know what parts are compatible with each other and what is not. You need to know if your PC is capable enough to keep up the latest video games.

And if you are new in the gaming industry and don’t have a clue where to start, you can always check out the guide on how to build a gaming pc. With that, here’s a list of what to consider before you build a gaming PC.

Knowing Your Budget

When you buy new, people would recommend that you should do your research first and choose where to buy cheaper parts. Because sometimes there are stores that offer overpriced products, and you don’t want to be a victim of that. Note that building a PC is cheaper than purchasing one. Sometimes you have to know what to buy before going to a store rather than asking the clerks and let them recommend things to you. It’s much safer, and they cannot fool you.

You need to know if you are willing to spend big or you want something that is in your budget range. If you want the best and latest for your gaming, then you need to spend more money, but if you want it cheaper, ask for lower price parts but have good qualities. Knowing your budget should always be the first step forward.

Knowing What You Need

If your aim is a gaming PC, then you are going to purchase video games. You need to know what type of games you will be playing. If the games that you play can run on conventional and low-end systems, then you don’t need a super expensive gaming PC, it will just cost you a lot of money.

But if you aim to play 2019 or 2020 games like the latest Call of Duty games, then you need to have the latest build of your PC so that it can keep up with the game requirements. And if your goal is to become a professional gamer, then you need to invest in a gaming PC because it will be your instrument to success.

Knowing The Different PC Parts

When deciding the parts for building your PC there is more to consider than just popularity and price. You need to remember that you should buy parts that are compatible with each other and they are all well-balanced. Here is the list of the gaming PC parts and every component that you will need:

  1. CPU or Processor
  2. MOBO or Motherboard
  3. GPU or Graphic Card
  4. RAM or Memory
  5. HDD and SSD or Storage
  6. PSU or Power Supply Unit
  7. PC Case

Final Thoughts

Now that you have ideas on how to build a gaming PC, it’s the first step if you want to try to build your gaming PC. There is nothing wrong with researching before you do or buy something because it’s your responsibility.

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