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nezuko pfp aesthectic

Nezuko pfp, who transformed into a demon, kept her human consciousness when she was a demon. She and Tanjiro have seen other demons who have observed that Nezuko is distinct from their sort. She utilizes slumber to recharge her energy so she doesn’t need to exist on human blood. She has demonstrated abilities ranging from size manipulation to superhuman strength. She was mentioned in our Rengoku pfp article.

She is incredibly strong in battle and can acclimate to any situation. After every encounter, she develops even more, especially with her Exploding Blood Demon Art. She has progressively grown into one of the series’ most potent devils because of her special skills and innocence.

Nezuko meets the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji in the manga and comes to regard her as an elder sister, which adds interest to their relationship as Nezuko often views female humans as either a young sister or a surrogate mother.

Nezuko may be seen in various panels playing with and being poked by the elder female Hashira in an almost-chibi state. Even in the manga, Tanjiro can be seen braiding Nezuko’s hair into Misturi’s recognizable thick braids.

Nezuko had red, typical human eyes at the beginning of the story. Her eyes became pink after her family was attacked and she was transformed into a monster. Normally, we would assume the opposite, but her pink eyes only serve to emphasise her wicked nature. She also has a pink kimono, which matches her eyes.

The fact that her eyes match the outfit, revealing her purity beneath her demon condition, is noteworthy even if there isn’t a relationship there. It also serves as a reminder that Nezuko still has a human side hidden behind the monster she has become.

Nezuko PFP

Nezuko PFP

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Nezuko PFP Aesthectic


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