Optimise The Complex Product Development Cycle with 3D Scanning

Optimise The Complex Product Development Cycle with 3D Scanning

With high customer expectations and the race of launching a perfect product, companies are leaving no doors un-knocked. As we are moving towards digitization and industrial transformation, technologies like 3d scanning are paving the path for a better future.

Product development is such a process if not done correctly, it is the most tedious and expensive thing of the business. If we divide the product development process: it’s broadly a three steps cycle which includes designing, manufacturing and quality control. 3d scanning technology can help to optimise the complete manufacturing cycles and make the process straightforward.

3d cad models and prototyping

This robust technology can improve the prototyping process by optimising 3D cad modelling. Unlike conventional CMM, 3d scanner can project millions of projections of the object and prepare an accurate 3D CAD model.

As the digital structure is optimised, it can improve the prototyping process by 10X along with saving time in rendering. Know about a few key advancements that are possible in the prototyping stage:

  • It let the engineer collect more data points for preparing a robust prototype
  • As compared to the traditional modelling, 3d scanning offers better design flexibility
  • 3d scanning reduces time to market by faster prototype development

Fatigue Cause Analysis

3d scanning service offers advanced features to analyse the product’s geometric composition with more data points. This technology is a boon for manufacturing industries as it can save millions of dollars with robust fatigue analysis.

At the initial stage of product development, an engineer can detect design, weight distribution, and other flaws. Many OEM manufacturers and industrial parts companies are adopting this new technology to take the lead in the market. Many CAD contractors in Melbourne and other cities are present for conducting a quick fatigue audit.

  • 3D visualization of the faulty area of an object can help engineers in optimising the analysis process
  • Multiple fatigues and product demolishing points can be analysed with this advanced scanning
  • Companies can gather maximum product data by performing least 3d scans and cut the operational costs

Advanced Reverse Engineering

Scanning and 3d cad drawing services can help companies in optimising their reverse-engineering process when CAD is not sufficient. Companies can run advanced tests like CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) with higher accuracy.

A 3d scanning service provider can help in rendering a high-resolution 3D CAD file for the reserve-engineering process. This process is also helpful in leaping the innovation department by studying the competitors’ production process. You can also search for 3d scanning services in Melbourne or other cities for conducting a full-fledged audit of your product.

  • It can help in optimising the geometrical flaws of the product design by capturing higher data points
  • 3d Scanning can improve the prototype simulation for better value engineering
  • With hand-held scanners, the scope of performing reverse-engineering on a complex object is increased

Higher Material Rendering Opportunity

With a 3d scan, an engineer can determine the geometry and virtual appearance of the future product. Be it aluminium or another element; accurate material rendering is possible for better product visualisation. Such optimisation at the early stage of development helps both the manufacturing and product marketing team.

The aesthetics of the element matters the most, and this process can help in improving the overall look, feel and appearance of the upcoming produce. Many startups are budding around this niche and offering affordable 3d scanning service in Australia and other parts to support businesses.

  • With accurate findings, cost optimisation is possible on the material level
  • Engineers can advance the rigidity and ultimate tensile strength of the equipment
  • Material manufacturing time can be cut with these modern technologies

Upgraded Quality Assurance Process

While testing the finalised product, this technology is a boon in running multiple set of tests for higher quality assurance. Be it a metallic part inspection or a custom material product; the scanning process can help in fine-tuning the build.

In some cases, even after carrying out multiple materials and structural tests, the final product crashes. For preventing such scenarios from occurring, custom alerts can be generated with the scanning process.

  • High-cost optimisation in quality control operations with better product rendering
  • The production team can analyse about improvement areas with high-resolution scanning
  • The quality of the final product comes out to be more fine-tuned as compare to the traditional methods

With such high-performance advantages, launching a top-class product in the competitive market is straightforward. Seek a professional company that provides 3d cad modelling in Melbourne or where you live to start early.

It’s high time to get started with these modern technologies and avail the best 3d scanning in Melbourne, Sydney or other places where you run your business. Make your business future-focused and modern technology-driven for exponential growth.

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